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Daft punk no more

After 28 years, the legendary french duo call it quits
@mods please ignore the other post

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Aww no. They were a very influential part of my youth. My buddy just posted a clip of when we saw them back in 2007. They gave us many great years of music. I wish them both the best.
awwwww man. nothing makes me feel old like my favorite bands breaking up! when i was in high school my friends and i road tripped to las vegas (with a chaperoning mom) to see them and to this day it was one of the best shows i have ever been to (and pre pandy i went to a LOT lol). i never thought they'd break up for real 😭 noooooooooooooo
lmao i put on "around the world" immediately this morning for a good dance-cry
Good thing they are retiring and not breaking up.

I wish them a very jay-z retirement
I’m serious.
That tour they never did to follow up alive 2006/2007 is easy money they are sitting on.
the video seemed like one of them left. and one remains. all the sites are saying they've broken up..?
monday RUINED! but im thankful to have seen them live in 2007. really hope they reunite at some point.
Does Taylor get her Grammy for RED now?
When she re-releases Red: The Re-Up Edition.
terrible news and on a monday 💔
Your icon reminds me how dope the soundtrack they made for that movie is.
absolutely! the TRON soundtrack and remix album remain my favorites from them 💙💚


February 22 2021, 18:10:04 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 18:11:30 UTC

This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.
They haven’t done anything since RAM other than those Weeknd, Pharrell, and Kanye tracks (and Tron score), which surely kept some cash flow coming in), but otherwise, they could have just stayed in their self made obscurity. If this was about creative disagreements or something, they could have just waited until cooler heard prevailed and did something else later.

Also, they’ve been sitting on a tour that they know would be hella successful with the hype they’ve had since Alive 06/07. They should have done Alive 2016/2017 tbh. Once covid was over, they could finally do another tour, or just wait til the 20 year mark for 2026/2027!

I guess I’m just bitter because I saw them 3 times on that tour, so I’ve low key been patiently waiting for another one.

In other news, someone recently uploaded a pro-shot, jumbo-tron feed of their 2007 Lollapalooza show.
It’s sweet that it’s HQ pro shot, but also it was filmed for the jumbo trons (so the focus is on close ups and artsy video effects, so not the best visual representation of the show).

omg thank you for that vid. (also totally not jealous that you got to see them live three times ;_____;)
it sounded like a humble brag, but really, it was the start of a series of terrible financial decisions that led to credit card debt i had (not daft punk or those trips specifically, but they were at the start).

I rly was young and dumb with the "oooh, look at this credit card limit. Sure i can afford to fly across the country for this".

But yolo, hah.

Each show was a very unique experience as far as the crowd went.
Wikipedia is so fast. Their articles for both members in terms of Daft Punk and the group is now in the past tense.
listening to Alive 2007, aka the best remix/live album ever produced, and internally crying.

I was waiting for my chance to see them live one day....heartbroken
Holding out hope for a Still Alive 2027 tour 🕯
oh this is devastating!!

I love this pro shoot footage. I want the whole thing to leak.
This is how you conduct a jumbo tron feed for a festival!
I mean sad but remember how many artists say they're retiring lol like Cher retired ten times already at this point
LOL true. Cher's first "farewell" tour was almost 20 years ago
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