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Daft punk no more

After 28 years, the legendary french duo call it quits
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this is such a bummer, they remain one of my favorite groups. really thankful i saw them in coney island in 08.
Thanks for everything, kings 💃🏻


February 22 2021, 16:51:59 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 16:54:00 UTC

Thank you Daft Punk

Thank God I discovered Mystery Skulls and New Retrowave though.
Twenty years ago I never would have guessed that Leiji Matsumoto would outlast both Romanthony and Daft Punk.
Was totally gutted to read about this today--they've put out an amazing catalogue but how tf are you ever gonna top Discovery?

Bangalter did the Stardust project (Music Sounds Better With You still slaps) and everything they've touched and been vastly improved so although it's sad they're not making music TOGETHER anymore, I am looking forward to what they do now.

I'll be at their reunion show when I'm taking my Boniva every day.
Even though Discovery came before Human After All I think it sounds more fresh and new than Human.
They really tapped into something with Discovery--I am a massive fan of house music so just based on its influences alone it's a great album, but they did something incredibly special with that album. Human After All was good on its own, "Robot Rock" & "Technologic" are great tracks, and I appreciate that they've always tried to do something new, but maybe their creative partnership just ran its course.

I'm excited to see what they'll do now, but I hope maybe someday in the future they'll be inspired to work together again.
I’m so bummed. I never got to see them. They never came through my state. It was always a dream of mine to see them with my daughter. When she was little she’d watch Interstella a lot. Daft Punk has always remained one of her faves and when we are in the car together it’s one of the things we will put on by default because we both agree on it.
Happy they’re going out their way though.

I was looking forward to them doing another alive tour, but when it didn’t happen in 2017, I was starting to suspect it never would. Still play Alive 2007 album on the regular... like, fuck I’m so bummed.
For all the time they existed, their work was brilliant. Gonna be playing it today
Surprised tbh
RIP la French touch
I was in high school when the Around the world vid was on heavy rotation on European MTV and I developed an allergy to them I never got over.

End of an era etc
All those micro plastics strewn in the desert for that shitty video ^_^

Man, I put Discovery on and the tears immediately hit. So sad that I never got to see them live and now they're done, but forever thankful for their music and the impact they made on me and the world in general.
i'm devastated omg
Aww Interstella 5555 used to play on MTV all the time when I was younger. 💔
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