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Daft punk no more

After 28 years, the legendary french duo call it quits
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No no no no no no no it was one of my dreams to see them live one day
My week is ruined

title or description
"I'm Daft."
"And I'm Punk."
"And we're the Property Brothers!"
Oh shucks one of my favorites groups would’ve love to see them live but after 28 years, I see why they feel it’s time to just move onto the next stage of their lives. They really are pop culture icons and Random Access Memories was a perfect album.
Nooooo! Random Access Memory ruled my life in 2013. :( I was hoping they'd make at least one last album before disbanding.
I don’t need any breakup news for groups I enjoy :(

Alive 2007 remains one of my favorite live albums
Like many of y'all it was also a dream of mine to see them live. Idk maybe they're saying this now but they'll have a surprise tour or something down the line. One can hope :(


February 22 2021, 16:21:12 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 16:23:37 UTC

I don’t feel particularly the same since I didn’t follow them closely but they certainly achieved a lot in their career and their influence is undeniable. 28 years, that’s incredible! That’s a huge accomplishment, good for them! It was fun while it lasted, it sounds like it’s ending on good terms so that is nice.
*around the worlds sadly*
Weird. I rly can’t imagine them retiring. Or, I guess I’m just not used to musicians retiring in general - but especially Daft Punk since their sound is still so relevant and collaborated w/ other musicians. Hope they’re both okay and it was happy decision. Love their music
Nooo! Something about us slaps so hard. Probably my fave of them
:( what
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Oh fuck this year and not even being able to go out to some club that will only play their music all night :(((((

I will never forget NYE 2001 when I walked home after seeing the fireworks and you could hear One More Time blasting from a party in every open window
Perfect NYE song!
I <3 Daft Punk.

(Now I'm waiting for one of you to tell me why they're problematic)
Don't put that in the universe. They're perfect.

...I hope.
They're men,

but I think that's about it
i am devastated.
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