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ONTD Original: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cast - Where Are They Now?

Hello, lovelies!

Welcome to the 10th installment of the ONTD Original Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Are you ready to feel old? No? Too bad.
Today, I'm doing something a little different. We're at number 10. It's a landmark, so we're going to take a look at the cast of Buffy and where they are now. I'm doing the core cast, and a few of my personal favorites outside of the core (in case you're wondering where the random entries come from).

Disclaimer: The information in this post is my opinion only. I realize some of the cast are not everyone's favorite (and obviously, some are not MY favorite *cough*DAWNANDXANDER*cough*), and I love commenting back and forth, but please be kind and respectful. These posts are bringing me such joy in the middle of intense isolation, and I truly enjoy commenting back and forth with my fellow Buffy fans. <3. That being said, let's jump in!

[If the apocalypse comes, beep me.]
Nicholas Brendon // Xander Harris

Age(s) on Buffy: 25-32
Ahh, everyone's favorite hypocritical, misogynistic, selfish jerk of a character, Xander. He's tied for my least favorite character with Dawn Summers, mainly because he's an un-funny jerk who treated everyone around him like garbage. I'm convinced it was because of his inferiority complex, realizing he's the one character in the show who never really contributed much (aside from making messes people need to clean up and rescue him from). I could do an entire post on why Xander is the absolute worst, but...that is not this post. Anyway. Let's see where Nicholas is now, since Sunnydale collapsed into the mouth of Hell!

Age: 49
Well, true to character form, Nicholas Brendon is a damn mess. Since Buffy wrapped, he's done small parts in some TV shows including Kitchen Confidential, Private Practice, and Criminal Minds. But his acting has been overshadowed by his legal issues and domestic violence charges. (Life imitating art imitating life?) But seriously, recently, he's living on social media hocking signed Buffy merch, charging people to watch episodes of Buffy with him, and doing Cameo videos. Re: the accusations/reports of mistreatment and abuse on the set of BtVS from Joss Whedon, Brendon essentially said he loves and supports her, that there's truth to her reports, and that he loves her and Whedon. He then goes on and on about how, "he took the good, he took the bad...but that's not everybody." All in all, horrible statement.

Michelle Trachtenberg // Dawn Summers

Age(s): 15-18
Dawn Summers. I've said it before, I'll say it a thousand times: the unpleasant surprise character we never knew that we truly never wanted/needed. Much like Xander, Dawn didn't contribute much to the show other than being a literal ball of energy that led to Buffy having to sacrifice herself to save the world (THANKS, DAWN.) But seriously, Dawn was annoying. "GET OUT, GET OUT, GET AAAAAAAA-OWWWWWW-T!" Buffy should've punched her. Where is Michelle now?

Age: 35
Michelle has had a couple pretty big roles since her Buffy days, one of the most popular being her part on Gossip Girl as Georgina Sparks. She's also had roles on Weeds, Mercy, and done some activist work to help stop bullying. Most recently, she's been in the news for publicly supporting peers who have spoken out against Joss Whedon for abuse, and while she did not expand on it, her Instagram post shares, "The last. Comment I will make on this. Was. There was a rule. Saying. He's not allowed in a room alone with Michelle again." Michelle continues to act, posting to her social media that she's working on something "funny" over this past week.

[Kicking ass is comfort food]
Charisma Carpenter // Cordelia Chase

Age(s): 26-28
Cordelia, as we all know, is a love/hate relationship for me. I hate how mean she was to Buffy, and I hate that she thought she had any room to attack other peoples' looks when she looked like a 30-something pretending to be in high school. (I mean, even Wesley thought she was a teacher..) But, I digress. She gave us some hilarious moments, and she literally spoke her damn mind, and we LIVE for a transparent Queen. What has Charisma been up to since Buffy (and Angel) wrapped?

Age: 50
Charisma has had a busy life since Buffy wrapped. Four seasons of Angel, recurring roles on Charmed, Veronica Mars, and some guest star spots on CSI. She's been active on social media and IRL to fight Trumpism, and most recently disclosed the abuse she endured at the hands of Joss Whedon during her time working with him. Most recently, she's been sharing meet and greets on social media between her and other former Buffy actresses, all of whom have publicly supported her.

Amber Benson // Tara Maclay

Age(s): 22-25
Tara. What can be said about Tara, other than she's a gem of a character, and a missed opportunity? She could have had such a huge role in Buffy beyond what she did. She was one of the few who supported Buffy, provided much needed affection and attention for Dawn, and seemed to have a conscience. Not enough good things can be said about Tara. But, what is Amber up to nowadays?

Age: 44
Amber has had a pretty busy career since Buffy, filled mostly with small roles on TV shows and lower budget films. She's also an accomplished writer, having written many books (with some series being considered for adaptation to TV!) She also has been on social media, replying to fans singing a clip from "Under Your Spell", and saying Happy Birthday, or just a quick hello. She also publicly supported Charisma, and has done some virtual meet and greets with her.

Clare Kramer // Glory

Age: 26
Glory isn't a "core member", but she's one of my favorite villains from Buffy and in her short stint, she gave us so many iconic moments. I just love her <3 (don't come for me). But what has Claire been up to since Buffy? Where is she now?

Age: 46
Clare has been a busy bee since Buffy. Her IMDb is filled with producing credits, but she's also done a considerable amount of acting since then. Her and Charisma appear to be close friends, appearing in each other's social media frequently, and Clare has publicly supported Charisma and other survivors speaking up about the abuse endured on-set.

[Ive got finesse coming out my bottom!]
Emma Caulfield // Anya AKA Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins

Age(s): 25-30
Anya. One of the best characters of the show. How could anyone NOT like her? Sure, she was a treasonous snake in the end of season 7 when she turned on Buffy, but she was hilarious through the majority of the show. Her blunt, literal interpretations of everything...her gullible personality (Oh my god, did it sing?) and her unfiltered immediate responses (Oh, you mean an orgasm friend?) She's a joy. What is Emma up to nowadays?

Age: 47
Aside from joining the cast of Wandavision (still haven't seen it, tbh), she served LEWKS in Regard Magazine, and has had many acting gigs since her Buffy days. Some of the notable ones (for me) were in Once Upon a Time, and apparently Wandavision (although, again, haven't seen it). She's also been publicly supportive of Charisma Carpenter and others who have spoken up, so we live for a supportive Queen.

Kristine Sutherland // Joyce Summers

Age(s): 41-45
Joyce, aside from her lapse in judgment when Buffy 'comes out', was a Mom of Moms. She was caring, understanding, sweet, albeit a little tough on Buffy, but ultimately she was a sweet human. She was one of the few in the group who was always polite to Spike (aside from hitting him in the head with an axe), and she was just an overall decent human. But what has Kristine Sutherland been up to since her Buffy days?

Age: 65
Kristine chose to attend some classes to become a photographer after finishing up with Buffy, and did some acting with some roles on The Following, and some other parts, none of which were too long spanning. She has a twitter that she's been pretty sporadic with, but has shared an interview she did (screen grab is the photo used for her up-to-date image), and seems to interact a bit with fans. She has been noticeably silent about the accusations/reports about the treatment on the set of BtVS. OP wonders what thaaat's about.

James Marsters // Spike AKA William the Bloody

Age(s): 35-41
Spike. William the Bloody. So, people either love Spike or they loathe Spike. I have a stance somewhere in the middle where I dance and hop between the two. When I think of what he did to Buffy, I hate him. When I think of his witty one-liners, and the way he helped Buffy and stood up for her at the end of the series, I love him. When I think of him in certain scenes, I....*sigh* Anyway. *ahem* Let's see what James Marsters is up to NOW.

Age: 58
Okay. So. He's definitely aged a bit. But tbh, he could probably still get it after a couple glasses of wine, ya know? (Okay, I'm gross. Sorry.) James went over to Angel after the series finale of Buffy, and appeared in all episodes until Angel's finale. Then, he had some TV roles on Supernatural, Smallville, and did a 3-season Hulu series called Runaways that ended in 2019. He's active on social media, does Cameos, and shared support for those who endured abuse. (Although OP Note: the support was a tad non-committal, imo. It was very, "I feel badly for the experiences of some of the cast", which is a smidge short of condemning those who need condemning, if you ask me. But...yep.) *OP Edit: Apparently JM wrote a creepy song about underage Michelle T. (which is really, really gross) and that definitely does away with any warm fuzzy feelings about him. So, there's that update for you. :)

[Miss Edith speaks out of turn...]
Juliet Landau // Drusilla

Age(s): 32-34
Drusilla was a fan favorite, even though she was evil and killed Kendra. <3 I will forever love her and have a soft spot for her, because of what Angelus did to drive her insane. Her lines and sass were hilarious, and she had such great potential to be a "big bad." Her insanity and desire for the actual end of the world was terrifying when you actually think about it, and she's one of the few that I think would've actually ended the world, given the chance. But what has Juliet been up to since her Buffy days?

Age: 55
Juliet has been up to many things since her days on Buffy. First, she continued on Angel. Second, she has done multiple films, TV roles, voice acting, and most recently starred in a vampire movie called A Place Among the Dead. She is aging like fine wine, and I wish her nothing but the best. <3 To my knowledge, she has not publicly commented on the accusations/reports of treatment on the set of BtVS.

David Boreanaz // Angel AKA Angelus

Age(s): 27-34
Angel started out as this sexy, sexy man. I literally think Angel might have been my ~awakening~ (although I've been gay since literally kindergarten, kissed a boy on the cheek and was 100% into boys from day one). Over the years, he became annoying, but I still generally found him to be the superior Buffy love interest (looks-wise). So, where is David Boreanaz now?

Age: 51
Obviously after leaving Buffy, David went to doing his own spin-off until 2004. After Angel, David did a show called Bones that went for 12 seasons, starring in it and becoming a producer and directing several episodes. He also went onto a show called SEAL Team. David is one of the few men who have tweeted support for Charisma after her disclosure of abuse. Not condemning anything, but giving support that prompted a response from Charisma, so...I'll allow it.
*OP Edit: Apparently David is reported to have sexually harassed a female actress from the set of Bones, and is apparently a disgusting human. Not exactly what OP wanted to find out, but men who do this deserve to be called out.

Alyson Hannigan // Willow Rosenberg

Age(s): 22-29
Willow had her flaws. Addiction to magic, selfishness, using magic to manipulate, also she abandoned Buffy at the end and was generally a pretty shitty friend... but, I digress. I enjoy Willow's goofy parts, and overall I still like her. (I know, I know, I'm trash. Sorry.) But what is Alyson up to NOW?

Age: 46
Alyson went on after Buffy to How I Met Your Mother, which lasted for a while (and had a guest appearance by the goddess Britney Spears, so...) She also did some more appearances in the American Pie franchise. She's also, obviously, taken an active role as a Momma. <3 Good for her, but...she has remained notably silent regarding the reports of mistreatment/abuse on the set of BtVS despite being one of the two actors who appeared in literally every episode. Hmm. OP is not impressed. She's definitely lost points. It's shocking that, as one of the couple folks who were in every single episode of Buffy, she wouldn't speak out in support of her castmates. Again, I say, as a s****y friend to Buffy, is this life imitating art, imitating life?

[Hey Ive died twice...]
Anthony Stewart Head // Rupert Giles

Age(s): 42-49
Giles was the best father figure Buffy ever had. <3 Minus when he went all a-hole in season 7 and turned on her, he was always on her side. I hated that he left her, and I hated that he turned on her, but there were many scenes that brought a tear to my cold, dead eyes when he and Buffy displayed the depth of their love for each other. But where is he NOW?

Age: 67
After the Buffy series ended, Anthony Stewart Head played a role in Monarch of the Glen (??), did some vocal work for an animated Buffy movie, and a romantic comedy called Imagine Me & You. He also had a role in the BBC series Merlin, and is in the recent Netflix series, The Stranger. He is active on Twitter, and we love our Giles. <3 Also, he's publicly commented on the reports about mistreatment/abuse on the set of BtVS and appears to be supportive of them.

Sarah Michelle Gellar // Buffy Summers</u>

Ages: 19-26
Buffy Summers was the absolute best character on the series. Obviously, being the title character, it's predictable to say this. But, seriously, she was the absolute best. Fight me. That's really all I have to say on the matter. So, what's SMG up to now?

Age: 43
Sarah Michelle Gellar has been a buuusy little bee since finishing Buffy. She went on to reprise her role in Scooby Doo, Veronika Decides to Die, and a few more movies (that didn't make it big). She also starred in Ringer, and The Crazy ones, with Robin Williams. She has started an organic bakery business called Foodstirs, and is a frequent social media personality. She has also come out in strong support of those who have spoken out against Joss Whedon, and has continued to be the epic human we all know and love. <3

So, ONTD, anyone I missed? Anyone you have more dirt on? I did some minor research. But honestly, I was sipping on some Pinot Grigio as I made this post and as I became research became a bit less focused. <3 Let me know your thoughts and SOUND OFF below!

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Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32
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