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BTS celebrating BE Essential Edition with videos + live

BTS released BE Essential Edition and instead of MVs for (worldwide hits in my heart) Telepathy or Dis-ease they posted individual video call versions for Life Goes On, with messages:


Somebody can crack your heart (hurt you), when it happens I want to be the person who can be the comfort and strength for you...

[V] V:

ARMY, thank you so much, I became a happy person because of you. BTS <3 ARMY. We purple U

[Jimin] Jimin:

Although the waiting will be long I believe the day we will meet each other will come without fail. Please stay healthy until that day

[J-Hope] J-hope:

ARMY~ Don't be sick!! Be healthy!! Let's be together!! Forever <3

[Suga] Suga:

I hope everybody will be healthy in 2021. I miss you ARMY!!

[Jin] Jin:

Please try to see the world with another angle <3

[RM] RM:

Are you doing well?
Let's think about each other looking at the sky sometimes. :)!!

They also went live to promote BE Essential Edition (the new version is basically a standard version, it costs less and is half the size).

They ate, picked between 5 Jungkooks vs 5 year old Jungkook, made JK promise to draw the members for their birthdays and said no to marriage proposals:

2seok also made a Life Goes On challenge for tiktok (lbr it looks like worldwide dancer Jin made this choreo):

source: Life Goes On Video Call versions: JK, V, Jimin, JHope, Suga, Jin, RM; BTS Live; tiktok

ONTD, do you also waste possible worldwide hit songs to release individual videos for a 3 month old single?

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