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Queen Ursula

Anarchists to Disney: Cruella de Vil Can’t Sit With Us

The poster for the upcoming 'Cruella' movie displays the anarchist symbol. Actual anarchists are bothered by the implication that Cruella de Vil is an anarchist.

Ryan Only,  a member of the anarchist public relations group Agency says that most anarchists support animal liberation and many are vegans. “For many anarchists, practicing veganism—abstaining from supporting the exploitation or use of animals for food or other purposes—is seen as a baseline for living an ethical life."

“The figure of Cruella, a narcissist and a sadist obsessed with the airs of wealth and luxury, stands in direct contrast to the anarchist principles of collectivism, anti-capitalism, and care for life in all of its forms (human, animal, and ecological),” MACC spokesperson Keira Anderson added. “We also direct our critique toward Walt Disney himself, a corporate oligarch who held anti-unionist, sexist, and racist views and is rumored to have been a Nazi sympathizer. As committed antifascists, we condemn the misuse of anarchist symbols and the misrepresentation of our social and political orientation in this film project.”

Disney did not respond to comment.


Tags: disney, emma stone, politics

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