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ONTD Original: The wildest and juiciest Bollywood rumors

Alright, OP is here to provide 1 LAST Bollywood gossip post. This is a fun one, it covers some of the juiciest Bollywood rumors. A couple of the things mentioned here are related to/follow up of my past 2 posts from before.

So if y'all haven't seen my last couple posts, take a look for a little more context on some of the things here:

1. Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra Jonas got secretly married

The rumor orignated in 2013, around the time where Priyanka's dad was terminally ill and close to dying. Media sources reported that Priyanka and SRK got secretly married in Toronto to fulfill her dying father's wish of seeing his daughter get married. SRK is a Muslim man and under "Shari’ah", a Muslim man can take up to four wives, as long as he treats them equally, the details of which are prescribed under the law.  So that fact probably enhanced the rumor more.

As far as actual facts go, SRK was very kind towards Priyanka and her dad and family during her dad's final days. He visited her dad at the hospital before he passed away. And he attended her dad's funeral even though the funeral took place just 2 days after he had undergone shoulder surgery. He was the first celebrity to arrive at the funeral and was seen consoling Priyanka and her family.

Priyanka was always spotted wearing the same huge ring around this time and the gossip/rumor was that the ring was gifted by SRK. Priyanka also bought a new house at the time that was pretty much right next to SRK  which probably didn't help in cooling down the rumors lmao.

Honestly, OP does not know what to think of this rumor. It's so WTF?? Like yeah it's wayyyyyy too wild to actually be true, but what kind of weird fanfic to make up??

2. Katrina Kaif's shady family history/past

Katrina Kaif is a British actress who's a permanent Bollywood A-lister at this point. She's a movie star who's made her place and she's here to stay. That being said she's most likely full of shit about both her identity and her past.

Katrina claims that she is mixed. That her father is Kashmiri Indian and her mother is White British. Katrina says that her mom and dad seperated when she was a baby and that her father's name was Mohammed Kaif. In Katrina's own words, her Indian father has never been in the picture her entire life.

"Not having a father figure does create a certain vacuum and makes any girl feel vulnerable. When I have kids, I want them to have the experience of being with both parents," she told the magazine, adding, "Each time I've gone through something emotionally hard, I was compelled to reflect that it must be nice for those who have a strong fatherly support from a male figure, who loves you unconditionally."

And now here's where it's going to get dark so buckle tf up ONTF....

Katrina was launched in Bollywood by actors Jackie Shroff and his wife Ayesha. Ayesha spilled the beans in an old interview, that Katrina's last name "Kaif" was made up by her and her husband so Katrina could be accepted by Indian audiences as one of them:

"She had an English surname, which was not easy to pronounce. She is not Katrina Kaif originally. She is Katrina Turquotte. We wanted to give her a surname which would be accepted by the Indian audience. First we thought of naming her Katrina Kazi, but then we thought Kazi would have a religious overtone. So we thought of Kaif".

When asked whether its true that Katrina's father is Kashmiri, Ayesha simply said:

"If that's what she says, you have to believe her. Her name on her passport that time was Katrina Turquotte".

Now going more into Katrina's family, Katrina has 7 siblings....

Katrina says her and siblings childhood was chaotic. Her family constantly moved around. She was born in Hong Kong . Her family went from Hong Kong to China, then China to France, then Switzerland, then Poland. All of this in the early years of her childhood, before she was 10. They lived briefly in Hawaii, where a scout saw Katrina and she did her first modeling. Then a bunch of other places and then to London. Katrina says her mom moved her and her siblings around because she wanted to wanted to do good works in the world and chose to live her life in service.


The big fucked up rumor is that Katrina's family was part of a cult called The Family International, the cult previously called Children of God.

"It is a Christian based cult formed in the 1960s, which spread rapidly worldwide. They use commune houses all over the world to shuffle followers back and forth and avoid legal supervision. They are also sex friendly, and unfriendly to traditional family structures. Spouses are not necessarily encouraged to be faithful to each other, children might be separated from their parents and kept with other children. The worst stories about them revolve around sex work and child sex abuse. Followers were encouraged to use “flirty fishing”, young women were sent out to flirt with men and have sex with them in order to get them interested in the cult. And children were sexually abused by their parents and other adults around them, since all sex was supposed to be good and loving".

It is also rumored that Katrina's mom's current charity work in India includes religious conversion. And that part of the reason why Katrina was ultimately rejected by her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor's family is because of her past.

3. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan affair

Honestly this rumor/gossip is straight up stupid. But somehow it started way back and basically became a meme. But the rumor is that Aishwarya Rai Bachan is a beard for deeply closeted husband Abishek Bachan and is actually secretly together with her father-in-law Amitabh Bachan . Oh, and that Abishek isn't the father to her daughter Aradhya  but Amitabh is.

OP thinks this rumor probably started when Aishwarya/Amitabh/Abishek did this music video together where both Abishek and Amitabh are coming onto Aishwarya. But to be fair, this music video was filmed even before Abishek and Aishwarya started dating.

OH and if y'all wanna cringe and die of secondhand embarrassment, watch this video of drunk Aishwarya being goofy and publicly embarrasing Amitabh.

With all that said, OP thinks this rumor is the one that's utter bullshit lol, but it has to be included because it's wildly stupid and funny and infamous at this point.

4. Shah Rukh Khan's third child is actually his grandson or his lovechild or a baby to tie up SRK/Gauri's marriage

This rumor/s is pretty straightforward, SRK and his wife Gauri Khan had their 3rd child Abram Khan in 2013. Abram was born through a surrogate. People think Abram looks white compared to his older siblings Aryan and Suhana. Aryan and Suhana have both studied abroad. Aryan went to boarding school in the UK and there were rumors that he had started being sexually active at a very young age. So the rumor/gossip started that Abram was actually Aryan's secret lovechild with a white girl and therefore SRK's grandson. That is the most popular rumor/gossip! There is also rumors/gossip that Abram is SRK's own lovechild with a white mistress. The other popular belief is that SRK and Gauri had Abram so SRK wouldn't divorce Gauri for Priyanka.

Pick and choose your own favorite rumor/gossip for this one ONTD lol!

Here's some pics of the family over the years, y'all can decide if Abram looks half white/European or not.

5. Aamir Khan's abandoned lovechild

Aamir Khan allegedly cheated on wife Kiran Rao had an affair with British journalist Jessica Hines in 2005. The affair apparently got so serious that Aamir moved in with Jessica and lived with her during the entirety of filming a movie. Jessica ended up getting pregnant and Aaamir didn't want the baby and asked her to abort. However, Jessica wanted to keep the baby and ended up having it. She named the baby "Jaan".

Stardust magazine contacted Jessica and interviewed her. Jessica did not deny that Aamir was the father of her baby and this story was printed in the magazine:

Jaan is all grown up now and is 17 years old. He looks EXACTLY like Aamir.

OP 100% believes this rumor!!! Aaamir is a known serial cheater and was recently rumored to be cheating again and having an affair with his costar Fatima Sana Sheikh (who played both his daughter and his lover in movies ewwwwww)


mods! i hope this is a good original

anyways this was fun ONTD. this concludes my deep dive into BW lol. feel free to share or discuss any other BW gossip you may know as well.
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