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top 5 jhope dance solos

It is BTS’ golden hyung’s 27th birthday! In honor of the human ray of sunshine, let’s look at five solo performances where he showed why he is the dance leader for BTS. Please excuse my captions, I have no imagination so coming up with stuff is hard.

5. Idol intro.

One of three dancers for the Idol 2018 intro performance, J-Hope comes out first and shines, opening the song with a bang.

4. Chicken Noodle Soup

J-Hope’s cover song for his solo debut. Shot in only a few takes, he stands out with the smoothness and clarity of his movements.

3. Baepsae.

A collection of the improved solos that J-Hope does for the dance break in Baepsae. The talent jumps out.

2. 2015 Begins Concert.

J-Hope’s 2015 Begins concert dance, also later performed by 2seok-buddy Jin. That intensity!

1. Boy Meets Evil

And, finally, Boy Meets Evil. A rare J-Hope solo, although in concert Jimin also dances with him.

happy bday jhope!

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