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The View: Dondré Whitfield, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan

The View needs awards-style music to play off Meghan when she talks way too long

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Cancel #TheFormerGuy

Biden held a Town Hall in Milwaukee WI to promote the American Recovery act and said the last 4 yrs were spent talking about /redacted/ and he wants the next years to be talking about the American people. Biden called him TheFormerGuy then kept on with his point. One of T45’s Millers (Steven or Jason, whichever), wrote a Dear John letter to Mitch McConnell dumping him for his disloyalty. Graham went back on Fox to fawn over T45. Panel says they have to talk about T45 because he was the news and he’s still a GQP threat, but we don’t have to give him prominence. People need to shun him and his sycophants, starve the beast. Giving him space on the airwaves just fuels the fire. Snuff him/them out.

Hot Topic Black History Month Dr Jane Hinton

Jane Hinton was a pioneer in the study of bacterial antibiotic resistance and one of the first two African-American women to gain the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (1949). Prior to her veterinary medicine studies at the University of Pennsylvania, she had been a laboratory technician at Harvard, co-developing the Mueller-Hinton agar, a culture medium that is now commonly used to test bacterial susceptibility to antibiotics. She later practiced as a small animal veterinarian in Massachusetts, and then as a federal government inspector. Hinton was the daughter of William Augustus Hinton, a microbiologist and the first African-American professor at Harvard University. You can read more about Jane Hinton here.

Hot Topic NY Cuomo Nursing Home Covid Loss

*Super complicated issue, brought about partly during the T45 admin to politicize Cuomo handling. You can read a fairly objective account here.

Turns out deaths @ NY nursing homes were higher than originally known. Sunny felt he was evasive and not transparent enough. Thinks T45-Pence stands at top of responsibility of US deaths but feels NY could’ve been more transparent on nursing home numbers*.

Hot Topic Birdwatch Karen Charges Dropped

Amy Cooper, who accused a Black man of trying to assault her in Central Park, faced charges and jail time. The victim (also named Cooper, no relation), didn’t want her to see jail time, felt that was extreme. After Amy completed required counseling sessions as a diversion program, the charges were dropped. Joy thinks racism has permeated our society and if education works, then that’s great, but it’s a larger societal issue. Sunny talks about consequence culture, doesn’t like her atty being a blowhard. [She lost her VP job; she won’t get that back]. Whoopi feels her punishment will be the video, which lasts forever. Sara feels it will take more than therapy sessions to address the ingrained racism.

Hot Topic Bachelor Dumps Host Chris Harrison

Plays clip from The Bachelor where Chris was insensitive when talking about antebellum event. Sunny doesn’t get the 2018 lens vs 2021 lens. It’s a never at any time lens. Talks more about being accountable.

Hot Topic Dondré Whitfield

Dondré Whitfield previously of All My Children is promoting his book Male vs Man. Makes analogy with T45 to link with his book’s theme. Males expect people to serve them, whereas Men know to be of service to others. Another metaphor about wearing shoes in your home. More discussion on what he thinks the difference is. Male is his gender, Man is his job (character). He and his wife have two teenage children (girl-16, boy-12), talks about his kids and how he parents them.

Ontd stay safe stay warm all of you in path of ice storm

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