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Japanese Music Post: Mid-February Edition!!

I don't know if it's wanted but I've decided to try and do these just a little more often so I don't end up with posts with like 20 videos in them.

First up is one of the hottest songs of the year that actually came out last year. I thought about including it in my last post but I didn't because I think it's boring, however it just keeps gaining momentum and can't be ignored:

Dry Flower by Yuuri

It's one of the most streamed songs in Japan EVER

Another song that came out last year and is topping the streaming charts now is USSEEWA by Ado

Kitamura Takumi's Neko became the first THE FIRST TAKE video to reach 100 million views.  His group DISH// put out an MV for Birthday to promote their new album coming out February 24th

THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE also released a MV to promote their new album coming out on the 24th.  It has everything, shirtless me, questionable hair styles and way too many people

And just another video to round it out Little Glee Monster - Dear My Friend feat.Pentatonix / THE FIRST TAKE

Are there any Japanese releases you're looking forward to this year?

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