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The Bon Appetit saga pt. 2

If you missed the news, the podcast Reply All is releasing a series of episodes about the conflict surrounding Bon Appetit, which imploded last summer (the post for part 1 is here). They've now released their second episode.

I'll be including this recap in every post just for ppl who want to get refreshed on the drama, so apologies to those whom this is redundant for! Last summer, Bon Appetit staffer Sohla El-Waylly revealed she was only making $50,000 despite her culinary expertise, which kicked off an insurrection in the test kitchen over pay disparities between white staffers and people of color, and who was being promoted. El-Waylly also demanded that EIC Adam Rapoport be fired after food journalist Tammie Teclemariam resurfaced a racist photo of him in brownface, which led to other staffers of color to reveal other instances of him being a racist fuckwit.

Here's a description for the second episode:

Chapter 2, “Glass Office”: Years later, in 2018, a new wave of people of color arrives at Bon Appétit. And when their white bosses don’t understand the problems they’re facing, those people will decide to fix the place themselves.

Sources 1 and 2
Tags: food / food industry, magazine covers and articles, podcasts, race / racism

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