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Enlisted’s Rear D is reuniting on March 6th for a charity reading and Q/A!

If you loved Enlisted, like my family did and still does (my husband and I reference it daily), I hope you’ll consider donating and watching.

What were your favorite episodes, scenes, or quotes, ONTD? I have so many, but one of my favorites is the Toy Story 3 scene from “Randy, Get Your Gun” and the mustache moment from “Prank War”. We loved how much heart this show truly had, and we were looking forward to more seasons...

If you’ve never had an opportunity to catch Enlisted, you can find it on iTunes, Vudu, and other services.

You also get a cool gift for donating at a certain level too, but I don’t know what the gift is. It could be a Challenge Coin, which we have, and it’s pretty cool.

Sorry I don’t have a cool GIF. It wouldn’t upload properly.


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Tags: charity, nostalgia, reunion, television - fox

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