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Love Angelina Jolie’s movies? Of course not. Why, exactly, is Angelina Jolie so famous?

The Guardian says it’s been years since Angelina was in a film worth watching, but she has made being a celebrity its own art form

Angelina's cover of British Vogue this month provides The Guardian with an opportunity to discuss what might be the most urgent question of our era: why is Jolie so famous?

They say Maleficent and Girl, Interrupted are her most famous movies.

She was most famous between 2005-2017, but she made movies not worth watching, yet Jolie was probably the most A-list US actress in the world.

Jolie is largely famous for her personal life

Now, she is well ahead of today’s more wholesome vibe, talking about the importance of family.

In her Vogue interview 85% of the questions are about her family, 13% are about her humanitarian work, and 1% is about her forthcoming appearance in a Marvel movie. There are no references to previous films, no casual mention of iconic roles

The Guardian doesn't hold it against Jolie, they say she's brilliant at what she does, which is being a celebrity.

Jolie is famous in the vein of Zsa Zsa Gabor, a woman who certainly acted, but was famous, ultimately, for being both over the top and completely fabulous.


ONTD, is Angelina Jolie the A list most famous actress with the weakest filmography?
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