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Is Wonder Woman cursed on tv? CW passes on WonderGirl tv series

-TheCW is at it again...after passing on Green Arrow and the Canaries they've decided to go one step further and pass on ordering a pilot for Wonder Girl.

-Wonder Girl was to follow new DC character, Yara Flor, an Amazonian from the Amazon.

-This will be the 2nd Wonder Woman-centric pilot script The CW has passed on. In 2012 they ordered an "Amazon" pilot script that was meant to serve as a prequel to Diana before she becomes Wonder Woman.

-NBC ordered a WW tv pilot in 2011 but that was ultimately passed on.

-In 1974, ABC aired a WW pilot featuring Cathy Lee Crosby as Wonder Woman and ultimately decided to pass on bringing it to series.

-In 1967 there was a pilot for Wonder Woman named Who's Afraid of Diana Prince? that was also ultimately passed on.

-Even in animation the Wonder Woman family has faced a hard time being adapted. WW was supposed to show up in Superman: The Animated series but was embargoed until Justice League. Wonder Girl was also supposed to be a founding member of Young Justice but DC emgarboed both Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark until the shows 2nd season which caused both to play very minimal roles in the series.

-Maybe 6th pilot is the charm?

-Future State wont be the last we see of Yara. She'll be joining the main DC-verse on May 18th as Wonder Girl

-Future State was supposed to be a "possible" future for DC but it appears DC liked it well enough that they are keeping many Future State characters around long term.

Source: 1 2 My love of WW
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