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Afropunk's new web series follows black punks in dystopian Seattle

This Black History Month, Afropunk is announcing a new afropunk apocalyptic web series following black punks in a dystopian Seattle. In BAZZOOKA, members of real-life black-fronted bands The Black Tones, Danny Denial and The OBGMs star as fictional versions of themselves, facing off against a fascist mayor played by Twin Peaks' Andrea Hays. Learn more and watch the first two episodes behind the cut!

In the series, "a Seattle police state imposes a curfew at 6pm, courtesy a mayor who’s married to a local tech CEO so a contingent of black punks take to the streets and resist. But everything here is a cognate: The mayor, played by Andrea Hays (Heidi from Twin Peaks), is not Jenny Durkan. The corporation is Tundra, not Amazon or Microsoft. And the year—if we still want to annually demarcate this temporal slurry—is 2022."

The first two episodes of the crowd-funded web series are on Youtube now, with more to be released monthly!

Episode #1 "BLACK IS DEAD"

Episode #2 "DEZ + KWAME 4EVER"

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Who are your favorite BLACK-fronted punk and alternative bands, ONTD? Cis white bro rockers stay in 2001.

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