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ONTD Original: Ranking Britney's Lead Singles.

It's never a bad time to remember how much Britney has given us, especially when the entire world is realizing how much has been taken from her.
Here is a chaotic ranking of the legendary Ms. Britney Spears' eleven lead singles to date, please fight.


11. 3 from The Singles Collecion (2009)

I've always been amazed at the fact that this single reached number one, because she has had way better lead singles and this feels very generic. The video has some cute bits, but overall the song seems very forgetful to me, it feels like an odd song for me and I can't put finger on it, but I can hate it.

10. Make Me (Featuring G-Eazy) from Glory (2016)

I want a full on attack when I say Glory was very meh to my pathetic soul. I do appreciate that she took a risk releasing a mid tempo song as a single; I can recognize the risk-taking deed that was at the time and overall in her career, but G-Eazy certainly can never help loving something and while I can groove to this from time to time, I can become a bigger slut to other of her lead singles.

9. Work Bitch from Britney Jean (2014)

I won't go into detail with Britney Jean because we are suffering enough, but Work Bitch is a gay anthem that we can work with. The video is quite a step up from all the bs she had released around these years. I will not rebuke this.

8. Hold It Against Me from Femme Fatale (2011)

The only time I ever saw Britney live was during the Femme Fatale tour, because South America just doesn't register in artists' tours, so I have some extra love for the album and this song.
Hold It Against Me has one of her best music videos ever, not the dancing per se, but the allegory behind it. Is that the word? I'm only a sub.

7. My Prerogative from Greatest Hits: My Prerogative (2004)

I have been ready to fight anyone who hates this since 2004, and I will not back down now. My Prerogative is a bop, the dark video, the "oh" bit, the lyrics, the intro she wrote, etc...
The fact that she has NEVER performed this live is an abomination, and so is my love life. Like I'm seeing this guy who is all about being single and independent but he is SO LOVING to me is like what is happening, and that is MY prerogative.

6. Oops!... I Did It Again from Oops!... I Did It Again (2000)

This placement is purely based on nostalgia, and the bitterness that comes from never accepting how she never got a number 1 hit anytime after BOMT for ten years!

5. Me Against The Music (Featuring Madonna) from In The Zone (2003)

I would have placed this song higher just piss people off even more, but I have some morals. Contrary to popular belief, this is a bop to me. I love the fast singing, the choreo, the video and the last time Madonna did anything worthy of my time apart from Confessions. Looking back at the press coverage this got along with the kiss, I am surprised they never performed this together, ever, but I perform this twice a month in my bedroom to make up for that, and I just know they are grateful.
If you don't know the choreo, what even is your life?

4. Womanizer from Circus (2008)

Womanizer is my shit. Men are crap, I want three.

3. I'm A Slave 4 U from Britney (2001)

This is... this is what talent is. Now that I think about it this song title feels creepy given everything that has been happening with the conservatorship.
Anyway, this is probably her best music video, her best era MAYBE, and her best genre exploration, yet it didnt even chart that high, but I feel like it charted high in the gays' hearts because thats the way the Lord intended it. Like That.

2. ...Baby One More Time from ...Baby One More Time (1999)

The greatest debut single of all time according to Rolling Stone, something your mom could never do.

1. Gimme More from Blackout (2007)

I wish this wasn't my choice because it makes me look that a basic gay who worships Blackout too much, because I believe In The Zone is her best album. I am so original and different, I am not like other gays.
Despite this, Gimme More was huge at the time and still is because I think no one expected Britney to deliver that kind of single at the time. The fact that she was hitting rock bottom and everyone was hating on her so much, yet she released this? Her mind.

If you disagree, please let me know what is your ranking and maybe let's be friends? I am on lockdown AND on vacations, so just be my friend at this point. What does it matter?

I made a playlist for further research and here is a poll for further fighting.

What is Britney's best lead single?

Baby One More Time...
Oops!... I Did It Again.
I'm A Slave 4 U
Me Against The Music (Featuring Madonna)
My Prerogative
Gimme More
Hold It Against Me
Work Bitch
Make Me (Featuring G-Eazy)

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