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Priyanka Chopra talks nose job, being replaced by a Bollywood actor's GF, and breakup in memoir

Priyanka Chopra's new book is out and it chronicles her life from her childhood to marrying Nick Jonas. She talks about growing up as a child in India, going to High School in the US, her grief over her dad's death, moving to America to work on Quantico, Nick Jonas blah blah

BUT since this is ONTD we're only here for the tea and not boring shit and OP has not read this book but is here to provide the VERY SMALL AMOUNTS of tea she has gauged from this book on the internet....

SO read about Miss Priyanka finally admitting her nose did, giving hints about how she was once replaced by a Bollywood superstar's girlfriend in a couple movies and indirectly/alluding to feeling depressed after breaking up with MARRIED Bollywood actor and super Shah Rukh Khan

Says she lost roles in Bollywood movies because of her nose job

-Priyanka says that after a year of traveling the world she  returned home with a really bad cold that turned out to be a polyp in her nasal cavity. She needed surgery

-When the surgeon was shaving away the polyp, he accidentally started shaving away the bridge of her nose, which then collapsed.

-When the bandages came off, she writes, "My original nose was gone. My face looked completely different. I wasn't me anymore."

She continued, "I felt devastated and hopeless. Every time I looked in the mirror, a stranger looked back at me, and I didn't think my sense of self or my self-esteem would ever recover from the blow. The experience was very emotional for my whole family—my parents were doctors, after all; how could this have happened?—and to make matters worse, the experience was a public affair."

- She got nicknamed "Plastic Chopra."  after that and was dropped from two of the four films she had signed on for within six months of winning Miss World, one producer "arranging a screen test, or a 'look' test, to see what my face would look like blown up on 70mm film to movie-screen size." Another director moved her from the lead into a supporting role, but assured her she'd still be on the poster.

OP doesn't really believe her story and thinks she has had several nose jobs that are cosmetic but  lmao but at least she's not saying its her natural nose anymore??

Says she was replaced by a Bollywood actor's girlfriend in a couple of movies

-When talking about working in Bollywood, Priyanka mentions that a Bollywood actor had her replaced in movie/s after she signed onto to do the film/s
-Priyanka is most likely talking about Salman Khan replacing her with his girlfriend at the time Katrina Kaif in the movie Namstey London

-This is known knowledge...that Salman wanted Katrina in the movie and the producer of the movie has admitted that Salman forced his hand to cast Katrina


-The additional TEA here is that Priyanka had had an affair with the leading actor MARRIED Akshay Kumar of the movie Namstey London. And Akshay's wife Twinkle didn't leave him but BANNED him from ever working with Priyanka every again

-So Priyanka was always bound to be recast in the movie, it was just a matter of whom she'd be replaced by and bully and douchebag Salman forced it to be Katrina.

Depressed after breakup in 2017

-Priyanka talks about suffering from extreme depression in 2017 still because of grief from her father's death and the end of a romantic relationship
-She says she stopped going out at all except for shooting on Quantico
-"She stayed up into the wee hours every night, barely slept, and gained almost 20 pounds (which online haters made sure to point out)".
-"When I wasn't feeling numb, I felt lonely, sad, and isolated. No one understood what was going on inside me, because I didn't tell anyone," she writes, not even her mom.

Priyanka is most likely talking about the end of her relationship with MARRIED Bollywood superstar and actor Shah Rukh Khan.

The rumors of Priyanka and Shah Rukh started in 2011 when they were filming DON 2.

And only exacerbated when a weird picture came out of Priyanka with her finger in his jeans pocket lmaoooo that picture was enough to convince the Indian media that these two were fucking.

As also in mid 2017, she went on a youtube show called "Dirty Laundry" and showed off a Dolce and Gabbana leather jacket that she said she had kept from an ex-boyfriend.

Shah Rukh has been publicly spotted wearing that same same jacket many times so Priyanka definitely knew EXACTLY what what she was doing.

OP cannot believe that Priyanka and Shah Rukh were really together for 6 years and his wife didn't leave him!!!





the memoir apparently is really dry and boring and these are the only points that would be interesting to a non-stan
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