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From Celia Cruz to ChocQuibTown, 10(5) Emblematic Afro Latin songs to Discover

For Black History Month banned source decided to make a list of iconic afro-latin songs that probably most of you ONDTers have no idea about but you definitely should because they are great:

Celia Cruz: "Quimbara" Live in Zaire, Africa, with Fania, 1974

Celia Cruz is more than a legend and i think most people, even non latinos, have heard about her, but this performance of her hit "Químbara" with the Fania All Stars in Zaire is out of this world, the queen of salsa topped herself again and considering she always gave her all in all performances that's no small compliment.

Other songs: Te busco, La negra tiene tumbao, Vasos vacíos.

ChocQuibTown : "Qué Lástima"

This colombian trio from Chocó made by Goyo, her husband Tostao and her brother Slow Mike have many great songs and have made pretty much any genre, salsa, ballads, reggaeton, rap, they have shown their versatility through their career, and they show it again with this new sound and aesthetic.

Other songs: Cuando te veo, De donde Vengo yo, Salsa & Choke.

Joe Arroyo : "Rebelión"

This song tells the story about a slaved couple in colonial Cartagena, it's his most popular song and it's representative of colombian's salsa . After years and years this song is still heard in all parties and even clubs and still captivates music lovers worldwide.

This is the closest thing to an official MV:

Other songs: Tania, El Ausente, La noche.

Grupo Niche : "Cali Pachanguero"

Cali is Colombia's capital of salsa and this song is a tribute to that city, it's also the most known song of Grupo Niche, iconic group that celebrates black Colombia and was crucial in developìng salsa in the country and was a pioneer in the field.

Other songs: Una aventura, Sin sentimiento, Como podré disimular.

Susana Baca: "Negra Presuntuosa"

Best known musical ambassador of black peruvians is the exquisite ( and 3 times Latin Grammy winner ) Susana Baca and her elegant folk which celebrates her African roots. One of her most enticing and best songs is "Negra Presuntuosa"

Other songs: El Surco, Volver, De los amores. She is also one of the singers in Calle 13's fantastic song "Latinoamerica" along Totó La Momposina and María Rita.

More great afro-latin artists at the source !

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ONTD, let's talk about your favorite afro-latin songs/artists!!
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