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The Expanse 5X10 Discussion (Aftershow)

Ty and Wes had their final aftershow for S5, with Dominique Tipper and Steven Strait. For those interested they're continuing the podcast and going back to the very beginning, to discuss S1.

Some highlights:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
* By the time Naomi gets to the Chetzemoka for the second time, she had gone off on her own and had failed to save Filip, which was an emotional and naive decision. It doesn't seem right to her that her family will die to save her, she doesn't think it's fair or worth it. She feels guilty, she's tried everything, going out the airlock is a last resort to try and save Alex.

* They talk about the storytelling reason to kill off Alex, ignore the elephant in the room and pretend this wasn't something they've cobbled together in post production (there's proof Alex was in certain scenes at the end and was edited out, on top of ADR and reshoots). Ty says it's a war story and it only matters if there's a price, that people are willing to make a sacrifice for a higher cost. He mentions Fred's death from a stroke in the books and that there's a tragedy and sense of pointlessness to dying in a chair on a ship burning too hard, rather than dying by charging a machine gun to save your friends. But it doesn't make it less of a noble sacrifice, it's the kind of loss that's endemic to war.

* Alex did what he thought was the most important thing he could be doing in that moment, in spite of the risks and then paying the price. That's the sacrifice of war and they wanted that moment, it was something they've talked about since day 1 in the writers' room.

* Steven talks about the scene where Holden and Naomi listen to the message and how there's a lot going on in that scene. There's a tragic sense of loss, but also relief at having Naomi back. There's poetry in the one dying for his family being the one who abandoned his family (on Mars) and tried for two seasons to reconcile the family he left behind. Like any loss of family member, there's a piece of you missing and a hole left behind. But they're at war, Holden understands the reality of that and the macro perspective. As long as Naomi is close, as long as his family is close, they'll be fine, even if they die together or for each other, it's what's most important to him.



I needed happy Naomi in my life after this season. What did you think of S5? Are you ready for it to maybe be over after next season?
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