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The View: Kate Bedingfield, Keegan-Michael Key, Hot Topics

Panel is Joy, Sunny, Sara, Meghan, Ana

Friday show plus FFA politics

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Reddit GameStop Robinhood

Towards the end, Ana tells Meghan to not lecture her lol

@jonstewart joined twitter as a result of the stock market fiasco this week. He only follows @Arbys. AOC dragged Ted Coup. Hot take: stock market =/= economy, most Americans aren’t in the stock market except for employer-sponsored retirement fund management, and if you have savings left over then put your savings in a money market savings account at your bank, or with a reputable financial services company and let a professional financial services advisor handle the investments based on your age- and goal- related risk tolerance, ok and you’re welcome.

Hot Topic Tweedle Dee Met With Tweedle Dum

Matt “I have a grown son Nestor (who isn’t really my son)” Gaetz went to … Wyoming … to rile up voters against Liz Cheney because she didn’t side with TRE45ON. McCarthy who met with T45 at Mar a Lago acts like he’s owned by T45. Sara rages about Crazy Margarine, who hasn’t been censured, expelled, and she was put on committees. So what that voters put her there, she ran unopposed. Silence = complicit.

Hot Topic Kate Bedingfield on Covid Package

Kate Bedingfield is WH Communications Director and she’s helping promote the Biden-Harris Covid package since they can’t travel to sell their economic recovery plan like Obama-Biden did in 2009. KB says grown up competent intelligent things about domestic terrorism and violent threats within Congress, back to school for K-8, GOP pushing back on price tag of relief plan, muted MAM fhdskjhdfsk, red hair is back (Kate and Press Sec Jen Psaki), Flotus Jill Biden will be involved in family reunification task force (details delayed by Hawley filibuster over DHS Mayorkas Senate confirmation), and will Biden come back on show

Hot Topic Keegan-Michael Key

K-M K is promoting his podcast The History of Sketch Comedy KMK was Obama’s anger translator lol. Guinness world record for number of balloons popped with his butt. Great to have a Potus again who can laugh at himself, good sense of humor. Podcast covers Ancient Greece to modern day sketch comedy. Covers his history with sketch comedy, inspired by Eddie Murphy and Stevie Wonder. Muted MAM. His wife pops in.


🚨 All of T45 lawyers have quit because he wanted them to perpetuate the Big Lie of voter fraud, but rather than do something unethical that could cost them disbarment, they quit. None had been paid or signed a letter of intent. T45 is due a legal response to Senate by Tuesday.

⚠️ 10 GOP Senators (the usual concerned-face suspects) sent a letter to Biden asking to discuss a scaled back $600B Covid package which is a measly 31% of Biden’s proposed $1.9T package*. Just a ruse to suggest bipartisanship even tho these paltry crumbs wouldn’t get Dem support, so the Dems will go it alone and America will thank them later [*likely to have some small negotiations but lol at the GOP proposal]

Ontd are you buried under snow this weekend?

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