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Love Island USA is renewed for Season 3, will film in Hawaii

The US version of Love Island, hosted by former Vine star Arielle Vandenberg, will return to our TVs this year. While Season 1 was filmed in Fiji (which was miserable af as it kept raining), and Season 2 filmed on the rooftop of a Las Vegas hotel, Season 3 will be filmed in Hawaii, bringing the show back to the tropical outdoors (while still maintaining health and safety protocols).

The only LI USA couple still currently dating are Connor and Mackenzie from Season 2. The winners of Season 2, Justine and Caleb, recently had a dramatic breakup, with speculation that Caleb had an off-show girlfriend throughout his stint on the show and afterwards as well.

Please enjoy this video of the star of Season 2, Mackenzie, freaking out when a boy she has known for barely over a week is sent on a date with someone else:

Tags: reality show, television - cbs, true love / love is dead

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