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The View: Cecilia Vega, Wendy Williams, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Meghan

Monday + Tuesday combined

More behind the cut

Hot Topic GOP Wants Insurrection Not Unity

GOP continues to be mostly trash. Sunny drags all the most awful ones, Cruz-Hawley-Greene etc. The GOP never tried to solve any problems for Americans, ignore them and Dems should take action. Sara thinks even moderate GOP are in trouble. Portman announced retirement. Elected officials still lying about election fraud that they know is a lie but are pandering to the crazy fringe. Muted MAM fjkldsjfowieldk. Goddd she went on forever, shut up. Joy plays riot clip where it’s clear T45 incited the crowd and they followed his orders. Congress lives were in danger but they’re gonna vote to acquit anyway. Whoopi thinks they’re all witnesses to the crime, and can’t say they weren’t afraid.

Hot Topic Zoom Distractions

Whoopi got distracted by a fluff, which was Joy’s dog Bernie who makes an appearance. Joy says Steve isn’t there today so Bernie will bark if she doesn’t hold him. Some lady complained on reddit about a woman who holds her baby on work Zoom. Get over it lady, mom’s have to multi task. Muted MAM but I just realized she has yellow eyeliner on inner lids. Sara is like, this is my house, deal with it. Whoopi thinks Sunny will break out the chickens at some point.

Hot Topic Millennial Prenups

The youngs now want a prenup to determine who controls social media, not the previously typical items. Sara and Joy both think go ahead and talk about things when you’re getting along and in love, before it gets awful. Sunny didn’t have a prenup, they didn’t have anything 22 yrs ago. Guess it’s wise to think about it, if you go into a marriage with something. Sunny would get the chickens, dog, cat. MAM has a gangster prenup (which is good because he’s def a gold digger), but she would go Lisa Left Eye Lopez first.

Hot Topic Wendy Williams

WW has a new biopic and a new documentary about her life (both on Lifetime 30 January). She explains why she’s doing these projects, which is to make more money. Talks about how she managed the divorce. Says she wasn’t physically abused (?) but was emotionally manipulated and verbally abused.

Doesn’t mix business and pleasure. Used a dating app to meet a guy, she finally has in-person date.


Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza 2: The Coup d'état™

Sunny says no unity without accountability. Muted MAM jfdljslkfdls. Sara feels the crazy fringe QAnon and conspiracy theorists are driving the GOP, and not all 74M voters are on board with the fringe, but the crazies outnumber them.

Joy sidebars to all the lies, and Dominion is suing Rudy Colludy, and now Sarah Sanders will run for AK Governor. Thinks T45 is threatening 3rd party to scare the GOP. Whoopi rambles, doesn’t make any sense. Liars are bad, losers lost, Idk.

Hot Topic Monday Show ABC Cecilia Vega

ABC Cecilia Vega is new Chief WH Correspondent and now across all three national networks, the Chief WH Correspondent is female. Tells a shoe story. Talks about fake news and how they’ll handle Biden admin. Muted MAM fjdjoiewkfd. Sunny asks about NYT bombshell re/T45 effort with DOJ to overturn election. Joy talks covid, previous admin left shambles with no stockpile.

Hot Topic Monday Show Covid Sniffing Dogs

Doggies are being trained to sniff for covid like they do for drugs, bombs. Jokes and laughs about airport. Joy wonders if she can train her dog Bernie. She’s getting her vaxx next week. Whoopi doesn’t like seeing others on TV getting the needle in their arm.

Ontd how are you feeling about first week of Biden-Harris?

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