Gandalf (kebedes) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

DaniLeigh Fauxpologizes for "Yellow Bone," Cites Black Friends, Doesn't See Color

After backlash over her song "Yellow Bone" (previous ONTD post) professional blackfish and singer[citation needed] DaniLeigh decided to shove her foot further in her mouth. She explained that she thought of releasing a written statement but ultimately decided that a rambling video further exposing her ignorance was the way to go.

In the 2-minute video she clarifies where she was coming from in recording the song and addresses the criticism she received. Highlights include:

  • Doubling down on her belief that she is light-skinned and a yellow bone despite not being Black.

  • Stressing that the song is just about her man and what he wants/has.

  • Acknowledging that colorism is real and shortly thereafter contradicting herself by stating she doesn't see her skin as a privilege.

  • Brown-skinned women make positive songs about their complexion so why can't she?

  • She can't be racist or colorist because she's dating a Black man "a whole chocolate man" and has Black "beautiful melanin friends." Skin isn't even something that she sees.

  • She's sorry that she offended you and hopes we can move past it.

All of this was done while sporting box braids and speaking in a blaccent. She elected not to address her extensive use of the N-word both in her music and on social media.

Note: This version is slightly different, not sure why. She posted and deleted her apology a couple days ago so I can't use the one direct from the source.


Tags: celebrity social media, flop, latino celebrities, music / musician, music / musician (pop), pr training needed, race / racism

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