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ONTD Original: The one where I report on some WandaVision theories from the internet

Hello, fellow ontders.

It's been a while.

What I want to put forth today is a curated collection of theories regarding the Disney+ show, WandaVision, that I've seen around the internet. This won't be a comprehensive post. I won't be touching upon every theory. And I sure don't claim to believe or have made up all of these. But it's hard to track their origins, so sources* might be hard to conjure up [insert agnes winking here]. Not to mention those are in all in my own words... Would this mean this is an ontd original? I don't know. But I think it could be.

Join me and this unusual couple, in trying to understand when we've been watching, won't you?

Warning: This post is long and full of images. I'm sorry.

*NOTE TO MODS: I've added the sources for the links, but I honestly don't have sources for the theories themselves, they're stuff I've seen around and just decided to round up in my own words and turn into content for ontd myself. I don't claim to have created them, but I genuinely don't know how to source them, as they're literally everywhere online. Any tips in case it has to get rejected again? I'd appreciate them. Thanks!

Well, Westview sure has its charms, don't you think? And to fully appreciate it i should introduce you to some of the most notorious people living there.

First of all the newest additions to the community:
Wanda and Vision
Althought now that I think about it I don't believe they've mentioned a last name. Wanda and Vision are living the suburban american dream in Westview, but you might remember that they were once members of The Avengers and that Wanda was a victim of what the kids these days call "the blip" and Vision, well, Vision appeared to be dead after Thanos pulled the Mind Stone out of his head, which was very not cool, because Wanda was in love this anatomically correct - I've been told - synthezoid.
So... How and why are they there? Before Wanda can rewind everything and wipe my memories, I'll tell you the most popular theories I've heard around town.

  • The show is mostly based on two three comic book arcs: The House of M, that spotlights how powerful Wanda's reality warping powers are, The Vision. a 12 issue run series in which Vision builds a whole ass synthezoid family for himself and moves to the suburbs and mostly the Vision and Scarlet Witch minisseries, which also sees our main couple moving to the burbs to try and get a normal married life among neighbours who don't like them a lot. All of that leads most people to believe that Wanda created this reality, complete with a fake Vision and commercial breaks, and that would seem to explain all the rewinding she does when something seems to break through her reality. That could lead to her taking a more antagonistc role in future MCU projects, like Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, in which we know she appears. (Information added to this bit thanks to colossusx)

  • However, on episode 2, we can hear Randall Park's voice through the radio, asking Wanda whis doing it to her, implying that he, at least, thinks Wanda didn't start this whole experiment by her own accord. For thos not in the know, Randall Park plays Jimmy Woo in the MCU which you should know from Ant-man and the Wasp as the FBI agent in charge of checking in on Scott Lang's house arrest. You probably won't because ONTD doesn't like the Ant-man movies, so there's that. Jimmy, however, used to work for SHIELD, so he knows one think or two about the real weirdness of the world he lives in. If he things someone's doing that to Wanda, then maybe, even though she seems in control now, maybe it all started without her will or consent.

  • Also, is Vision really there? How would he be be without a real Mind Stone? The most believed answer is that Wanda just made him up. Like I mentioned, her reality warping powers are really... Did you know she once... Oh, wait it's not THAT time yet. Anyway, she could have easily created a construct of Vision to live her happy life with. But because Vision seems too aware of the cracks in Westviews world, and too unaware of when his wife uses her powers to set things back, some people think he's more than that. But how would THAT work?

  • At the end of Avengers Endgame, Steve Rogers traveled back in time to place the infinity stone where they originally belonged. In the Mind Stone's case it was sent back to 2012 where it used to be hanging with Loki's scepter, which was confiscated by SHIELD and then, since SHIELD was full of Hydra agents, it ended up with Baron Von Strücker - a familiar name, I'll talk about him soon - who experimented with it to give Wanda and her twin Pietro their powers. So... Could more timey-stuff have happened and someone, somehow, changed that chain of possession and brought back to life?


Agnes is Wanda and Vision's nextdoor neighbour. She's a bit nosy, but also so funny and so Kathryn Hahn, no one really minds. Se didn't seem to like her husband very well in the 50's and 60's, saying things like he looks better in the dark and he should learn how to have sex properly - in more proper words, of course, it was the 1950's -. Agnes also seems to know a lot more than she lets on. So, is she really who she says she is?

  • Most guesses point to Agnes being Agatha Harkness, a superpowered individual of the witch variety that has played the role of mentor and enemy to Wanda in the comics. The biggest clues people point to when it comes to that being that Agnes could be a name that comes from Agatha Harkness. There's also some promotional images of her dressed as a witch on halloween, pointy hat and all. Her behaviour towards Wanda also seems to indicate that, since Agatha is a mentor figure and so has been Agnes.

Dottie seems to be the leader of the housewives of Westview, and probably the whole community. She doesn't seem to like Wanda very much when they first meet, basically calling her a threat to their sleepy town. But she's a fan of drunk on bubblegum Vision - I mean, Illusion - and his beleaguered assistant Wanda - I mean, Glamour -. Also, she's played by ageless vengeance demon Emma Caulfield. Is she also more than meets the eyes?

  • Most people seem to think that Emma is too good an actor to just be mean neighbour Dottie. Personally, I think, as we say in my country "Kevin Feige doesn't knit without knots" (well, kinda... the saying actually is about stitching but I thought the knits and knots looked cuter), meaning you can't just use such a recongnizable face and do nothing with her. Most guesses want her to be Enchantress, another longtime comic character who is a magic user.

  • However, Dottie's in world husband's name is Phil Jones. And there is a comic character named Phil Jones who IS married to canon sorceress Arcanna. So that's more likely to me. In the comics, Arcanna is afilliated with the Squadron Supreme and I don't know much about her, but from her fandom wiki page she seemed nice.

Now, I believe these are most of the residents of Westview I can talk about before moving on. But if you have noticed other residents worth talking about, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Now, let's move on to one of the favourite past times of all who live in Westview:

Every episode of Wandavision has a TV commercial so far. Most theories point to them having significance to Wanda's life, in particular, since she seems to be in control. Well, let's check them, too.

Toast Mate 2000
Wow, look at that piece of tech. Of course it's Stark Industries! Looks straight out ot the future of the 1950s! Seriously, forget your past. You've forgotten your past already, Wanda? Good. But why would this toaster be relevant you say?

  • Well, Wanda's parents died because of a bombing that used Stark Tech when she was 10. And the Ultron, the robot menace that killed her brother was created by Stark Tech. Her husband? Yeah he was created partly by Stark Tech too. So there's a lot of Stark in Wand's life. Vision's too, of course. And it's a bit weird that this toster has thar red blinking light, after all, when the whole world is black and white, do we even know what red is? There's also the fact that the toaster makes a familiar noise to Iron Man fans. Almost makes us think Tony is firing up that suit again... Oh well, rest in piece Mr. Stark.

Strücker Watch


Ah, see, I promised I'd talk about Strücker again. I also bet you all knew it'd be right here, when we got to the watch. Okay, let's do this:

  • Well, Like I mentioned many, many, many words ago, Baron Von Strücker was the Hydra agent who experimented on Wanda and her brother Pietro, giving them their superpowers. So, well, the relation to Wand's past is quite clear here. But this one also might lead to another theory. About a certain honeycomb obsessed group. Also, isn't it fun that both commercials so far are related to time? I wonder what it all means...

Hydra Soak
A luxury bath powder that promises to help me escape to a world all my own, where my problems float away, and tells me to use it when I wanna get away, but don't want to go anywhere? Excuse me, but can I use Hydra Soak without owning a bathtub? Going places it's been hard theses days...

  • Well, this one is easy, isn't it? Look, there's Hydra, there's mentions about time (or finding it for yourself). Easy peasy, right? But wait! There's more. Don't you think this box is awfully familiar? oh! I know!


  • A light blue cube that is all about transporting? Well, maybe I'm crazy, but all I see is Tesseract on that ad. How does that connect to Wanda or Vision? Well, the Tesseract is an Infinity Stone. Well, to be acurate it HOLDS one of them, the Space Stone, we all know how that works for the main couple... And what does the Space Stone and the Tesseract do? According to wiki it "allows its user to manipulate space anyway they see fit". So, you know... It's perfect for when you want to escape or... Go somewhere without going nowhere. Also, it's supposed to be the catalyst for Loki's show, coming May 2021 to Disney+

Alright. Last category of the day, because this post is long AF, but what about...

Outside forces

In the comics, SWORD is kind of like, the outer space SHIELD. But Feige already said it's something different in the MCU, so, we're not going with that today. We know sword has been trying to infiltrated the world of Westview:

First because Wanda found a red (again do we even know what red is in a black and white world, oh, well) hellicopter with their symbol on it:

Second because apparently they sent a creepy beekeeper through the sewers...

And third because Geraldine's awesome fashion sense included a sword necklace:
At this point I think it's not a spoiler to say Geraldine is actually Monica Rambeau (yeah, the kid from Captain Marvel but as an adult) and the theory is that she's probably an agent of SWORD which, you know, make her accessorising very much a company spirit kind of thing.

But like, is SWORD really who we think it is, because theres another, eviler, bee imagery obsessed corporation making the rounds in the theories as well

In the comics, Advanced Idea Mechanics was founded by our old enemy, Baron Von Strucker, way back when. And they really, really love the whole bee thing. I recomend you check their wiki. They're obsessed with bees at some point. Their goons dress like beekepers (oh, wait) and there are honeycombs hecagons everywhere.

You know where else we find a lot of hexagons?

Every episode of Wandavision!


It's too much to be a coincence at this point, don't you think? But also, a lot of the AIM imagery is mixed with SWORD's. What does that mean? I don't know. I'm only here to report on theories and one of those is that, well, AIM and SWORD might be related at this point somehow? So... That might mean a whole mess is coming Wanda and Vision's way. I don't envy them.

Oof that was long. I hope you enjoyed this post, I might make more if you all do. I left some (well, a lot of) theories out because it was long as it is, and techinically I need to work, but I'd love to read and know more about your favourite theories in the comments!

Also, what do you expect next episode will be about? And do you think it'll be infomercial time?

Links in post are from:, and
Informations are from all over the internet, amalgamated and reworded by me.

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