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Netflix ordering live-action miniseries of YA gay romance webcomic Heartstopper

A live-action adaptation of the webtoon turned graphic novel Heartstopper, by cartoonist Alice Oseman, has been picked up by Netflix. It will consist of eight episodes and be directed by Euros Lyn (Doctor Who, Daredevil, His Dark Materials).

The show will depict the love story of geeky introvert Charlie and sweet jock Nick as they meet in school, as well as feature their mostly-queer gang of friends. Besides sexuality, the series also explore other issues such as (content warning) [Spoiler (click to open)]eating disorders and mental illness. Casting is still open for several of the lead roles, including Charlie.

In the meantime, the webtoon is still being updated through Tapas and Tumblr. There are currently 3 published graphic novel volumes as well.

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Tags: british celebrities, comic books, lgbtq film / media, netflix, television, web series / youtube

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