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It's a Sin, Russell T Davies' new queer miniseries, is now streaming in the UK/AU/NZ

Russell T Davies (Queer as Folk, Doctor Who, Cucumber/Banana/Tofu) is back with a five-part miniseries, It's a Sin (yes, titled after the Pet Shop Boys hit), that has received rave reviews. It tells the story over a decade of five young queer people who move to London in the early 80s to pursue their dreams, blissfully unaware of the medical and political tragedies that were to unfold soon. The show has been praised for striking a balance between wit and emotional heft, with several reviewers drawing parallels between the HIV crisis and the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The show stars Olly Alexander (from the synthpop band Years & Years), with guest parts from big names including Neil Patrick Harris, Keeley Hawes and Stephen Fry.

The series will follow a weekly Friday broadcast schedule on Channel 4 in the UK, but all episodes are already available for streaming on its All 4 service. It is also fully available to stream on TVNZ, while it will be uploaded on a weekly schedule through Stan in Australia. The show is set to hit HBO Max (USA) on Feburary 18, and Prime Video (Canada) sometime later in 2021.

Series trailer here:

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Tags: british celebrities, lgbtq / rights, lgbtq film / media, neil patrick harris, stephen fry, television - channel 4

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