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Who Are the Richest Reality Stars, and Where Are They Now?

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Becoming a reality star is one way to make a quick buck, which is why so many people aspire to be Z-listers with 15 minutes of fame. So who are the richest reality stars and where are they now?

This list is from Yahoo Finance, so you know it must be 100% accurate.

Heidi Montag
Net worth: $300,000

Heidi had a promising career in PR that she threw away on an unhealthy relationship and reality fame. Fortunately, she is still [spoiler]a shallow and fake person.

Omarosa Manigault Newman
Net worth: $3.5 million

Having absolutely no ethics or soul can get you pretty far in life! That is what Omarosa demonstrates. No doubt, she will continue to [spoiler]be an amoral, terrible person.

Christian Siriano
Net worth: $10 million

One of the few success stories to come out of a reality competition show, Christian Siriano is now [spoiler]making bank off his ugly clothes.

Bret Michaels
Net worth: $18 million

The king of reality tv rock and roll currently has a career as [spoiler]the king of reality tv and rock and roll. Alas, he is not the richest reality star in the world.

Lauren Conrad
Net worth: $40 million

Being born into a rich family and going on a reality show about being rich can apparently make you even more rich. That's pretty much all that Lauren had going for her, but she managed to get a smart team around her to slap her name on a bunch of merchandise. Lauren is now [spoiler]rich as fuck.

what's ur net worth, ontd?

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