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Armie Hammer: Lawyers Make Statement of Denial, Ex-GF Shares Pictures of "A" Carved Into Skin & More

Some quotes:

"Using a sharp knife Hammer cut his first initial 'A' into her skin during a kinky sex game, which ex-lover Paige Lorenze insists got out of control. [...] Seconds later the 6ft 5' inch screen idol [...] then licked the blood from the wound."

"The blond beauty reveals that Hammer was fixated on biting her body, begging that she allow him to take lumps of flesh from her arm, before consuming them. [...] Laying out more of his sick fantasies, Hammer begged the Instagram model to have her ribs removed, so that he could barbecue them."

Armie's lawyer's statement:

"Hammer's lawyer said: ‘These assertions about Mr. Hammer are patently untrue. Any interactions with this person, or any partner of his, were completely consensual in that they were fully discussed, agreed upon, and mutually participatory.'"

(notice that they do not deny the legitimacy of the screencaps, nor do they say they will be pursuing her or any of the other girls for slander etc)

Some developments over the last few days:

- Another woman (@milkandhoneyroses) recently came out with her story. The original story was shared by her friend in 2019 on LSA with a few changes to protect her identity. Allegedly they met at BFF several years ago, began a extramarital affair over about 2 years which culminated in him raping her. Armie's ex-wife Liz began following her today and according to her most recent story, has reached out to her.

- Effie (@houseofeffie) has continued to release screencaps, including allegations that Armie has been in sexual contact with multiple minors and abused his dog Archie.

- Allegations of rape, abuse and incest have also surfaced against Armie's father, Michael Hammer, and father, Armand Hammer (Armie's grandfather) by sister/daughter Casey in her autobiography "Surviving My Birthright", as well as by a childhood friend of Michael Hammer. Here is a link to the reddit post that contains the screenshots of Casey's book, and here is a link to the reddit post that shows the screenshot of the childhood friend.

- Along with her interview linked in the tweets above, recent victim Paige Lorenze has also released a full statement via ig:

- For those curious, we now have allegations from six women: most recent ex-gf Paige Lorenze, a girlfriend from last summer/fall, Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, immediately-post-break-up gf Courtney Vucekovic, extramarital affair and original dm/ss leaker Nastya D, anonymous extramarital affair "Effie", and now anonymous extramarital affair "milkandhoneyroses". Effie, Nastya, and milkandhoneyroses have all claimed that they have been contacted by dozens of other anonymous victims, some as young as 15.

UPDATE: Another victim has come forward, who was allegedly 17 when Armie tried to coerce her into a sexual relationship. "velvet.moonst" stories show her recent DMs with Armie, who first says "having fetishes is not a crime" when she confronts him about the allegations, then immediately switches tactics to trying to get her to agree to hook up in Italy in the near future, making sexual advances despite her clearly not being interested. He then berates her for not talking to "Kev" (via Effie's stories, a friend of his who plead not-guilty to secretly filming actresses including Amber Heard and Scarlett Johansson nude in their dressing rooms in 2015). She tells him he needs therapy, and he asks her why she never let him fuck her, and ignores her telling him she has a bf repeatedly, saying "your fucking boyfriend is not here". She tells him she feels upset. His response: "I feel high. Bored. Lonely. Horny."

UPDATE 2: Alright so now Effie has deleted the above from her story and the @velvet.moonst account is gone. I'm not sure what happened there, but just FYI. I really fucking hope girls are not making shit up to discredit the actual victims because that is next level messed up.

(Lol that Hammible has finally lawyered up- he knows they are out for blood and want legal consequences, and he knows Liz is going to eviscerate him in court in their divorce/custody case.)


(hopefully these sources are ok now, mods!! <3 <3 <3)
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