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The Girls are STILL Fighting! Sabrina Carpenter Responds to "drivers license" with "Skin"

Another week, another single being dropped about this Disney Channel love triangle. Beginning of the month, 17 year old Olivia Rodrigo released her smash hit single, "drivers license" which caused a lot of people to speculate that it was about her HSMTMTS costar Joshua Bassett (Click here to read the ONTD Original about it). Last week, 20 years old, Joshua Bassett released his single (which I think is unrelated? I don't know I didn't listen to it), and now his girlfriend Sabrina Carpenter (21 years old!!!!) is chiming in with a pointed track called "Skin" and it's not a good look.

While fans dispute that "Sabrina's been working on it for a long time!!! It's not about Olivia!" It's clear Sabrina took offense to the song that barely throws any shade about her compared to her actual boyfriend who was dating a minor!!!!

Sabrina writes in the first verse: "Maybe we could have been friends/If I met you in another life/Maybe then we could pretend/There’s no gravity in the words we write/Maybe you didn’t mean it/Maybe blonde was the only rhyme" and the lines, "Don’t drive yourself insane". Sounds like a call out to Olivia Rodrigo's line in "drivers license" where she sings, "And you're probably with that blonde girl/who always made me doubt/She's so much older than me/she's everything I'm insecure about."

Though the song sounds like Sabrina is extending an olive branch. OP is doubtful about it since her BFF Joey King (21 years old) wrote and then deleted this shady Instagram comment which only shows the kind of people they are.

Source, Source

While the adults are throwing a fit over an actual child eclipsing their career with a song about her first heartbreak... continue streaming DRIVERS LICENSE by Olivia Rodrigo
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