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Influencer Kristen Gray and girlfriend deported from Indonesia

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Kristen Gray sparked backlash following tweets on her "elevated lifestyle", promoting to foreigners to migrate to Bali during a pandemic, exploiting workarounds and not paying local taxes, while plugging a $30 e-book to her over 11k followers.

Indonesian authorities have since accused her of spreading information that could "unsettle" the public by encouraging digital nomads to move to Bali under legal loopholes while the southeast Asian country has strict policies in place surrounding public health and tourism in the pandemic. She is also accused of working without a business visa.

But Gray says she is being targeted because of her being LGBT.

Kristen and her girlfriend are being held at an immigration detention facility and will be deported as soon as a USA bound flight is available.

They are being banned from entering back into the country for at least 6 months.

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Tags: covid-19, internet celebrities, legal / lawsuit, lgbtq / rights

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