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The View: Amy Klobuchar, Inauguration Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Biden Speech for Unity

/problems with Sunny’s audio feed/

Love Whoopi’s sweatshirt My Vice President is a Black Woman. Joy felt like the snow falling was a cleansing of the stench. Sidebar to watch Outlander which has soft p0rn. Loved Lady Gaga, the poet, the 3 Presidents talking (night time segment). Sara thought Joy’s recap was an emotional roller coaster. Loved the poet. Hadn’t addressed leadership to her kids because of poor example, but now into’d Biden and Harris to their kids, it will be normal for them for Kamala to be VP. Her job felt easier as a parent. MAM said blah blah about 74M votes for not Biden. Shut the fuck up about the losing votes, goddd enough already, muted her. Joy drags Ted Cruz an enemy of the country, while McConnell is a political enemy. MAM jfdklsjo4iujrlkefidokl.

Hot Topic KAMALA

Sunny felt it was food for the soul, watched with her daughter. Liked his speech, to end this uncivil war. Ted Cruz is trying to take the vacuum from /redacted name/. Pfft. Also goes after QAnon Marjorie Taylor Greene. These clowns are not giving up. Whoopi felt like she was in an abusive relationship for four long years, and now the crazy is gone. Whoopi wants to see free internet access for all, voting rights act, wants to smoke more weed.

Hot Topic Are You Hopeful

Joy wants immigrant children reunited with parents. Worries about her grandchild re/environment. Sara wants to see the -action- of unity that backs up his words leading to this. Liked what Biden said to his senior staff, if he ever hears them disrespect each other, he will fire them. MAM jdaduioeqjkdsao. Sunny wants to see covid eradicated and a robust vaxx program. Voting rights act passed, police reform, immigration reform, study on reparations.

Hot Topic Amy Klobuchar Co-Chair Inauguration

She did a good job. She talked about her intro to Biden, the platform where insurrectionists were there 2 weeks prior, there was still spray paint on the lower columns. Talks about Kamala. Justifies having the inauguration at the Capitol instead of hidden in a bunker, important for everyone to see, stand up for our country. MAM jfkdlsjflsdjlks. Amy feels there has been bipartisan support for key items already but horrible leadership in the WH prevented any progress. Joy liked that Biden didn’t even mention noname. Amy liked that Pence skipped noname goodbye and came to Biden instead, she spoke to Bush43 and Laura on platform. Reinforces impeaching noname so he can’t run for office again. Promotes confirmations and impeachment trial, parents are multi-tasking, so they should too. Talks about Biden exec orders, covid plans. More impeachment talk. Summarizes legal position, then highlights McConnell’s direct words yesterday on Senate floor. Senators who say it privately need to vote it publicly.

Hot Topic Inaugural Fashion

They talk about the designers. Everyone was working it.

Ontd all this competence in 36 hours whew!!!

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