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Non-Black DaniLeigh Drops Song Called "Yellow Bone," Gets Dragged, Gets Defensive

• Earlier today Dominican singer[citation needed] DaniLeigh—who is not Black—released Yellow Bone, "a song for [her] light skin baddies" and, incidentally, the worst song you'll hear today, for a variety of reasons.

• She was promptly dragged by Black Twitter for releasing her colorist anthem and fetishizing light skin, as well as for her history of blackfishing and using the N-word.

• In response to the backlash, she posted a series of defensive tweets about haters, one of which included the standard "sorry if I offended you" nonapology.

• DaniLeigh is currently dating rapper and violent batterer DaBaby, who responded to her Instagram post with "🟡🟡🟡." Some have suggested that the song is aimed at his daughter's mother, Meme, a dark-skinned Black woman.

• OP isn't entirely clear but apparently DaBaby keeps cheating on each of them with the other and/or going back and forth between them?

• The two women have been subtweeting each other for months, I guess, most notably in December when DaniLeigh confirmed her on-again relationship with DaBaby in an Instagram post captioned, "My baby❤ idc."

DaniLeigh's Response

[Tweets Under the Cut]

EDIT: She Deleted, the Coward
Screencaps in the Tweet Below

Some History

[Tweets Under the Cut] OP Note: The two people pictured in the above tweet are her parents.

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Tags: celebrity social media, flop, latino celebrities, music / musician, music / musician (pop), music / musician (rap and hip-hop), new music post, nobody, race / racism

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