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Djokovic says his intentions were misunderstood, Tiley admits Adelaide players have privilege.

Novak Djokovic came under fire for contacting Australian Open heads with a list of 'demands' for players who were put into quarantine arriving for the tournament. The requests were immediately rejected.

He has clarified they were not demands, but suggestions in conversation with Craig Tiley (AO Boss).

He also says his intentions were misunderstood as selfish and ungrateful but he has 'earned his privilege the hard way, and for that reason it is very hard for me to be a mere onlooker' with regards to the players in Melbourne who were put into hard quarantine, many of whom were then put into tougher restrictions with people testing positive on the player chartered flights.

AO boss has also admitted the obvious that the "top" players in Adelaide (seen bringing family/nannies etc) were given more advantages than others because it's 'the nature of the business'.

Many players had shown irritation on social media for Djokovic having socially distanced interactions with fans and being allowed to train with less restrictions.

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