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Chinese Actress commits career suicide by abandoning her children via surrogacy

This is a huge on-going scandal in C-Ent right now.

  • Zheng Shuang (mother) and Zhang Heng (father) secretly married in the US and hired 2 surrogates since surrogacy is illegal in China

  • 7 months into the pregnancies their relationship imploded

  • Mother fucks off back to China, father stayed in US with babies

  • Everything came out yesterday on Weibo in China

  • Birth certificates were leaked, upcoming court hearing for their divorce in March was found

  • Audio files leaked of the mother & father and their parents talking about what to do about the then unborned children. The mother and her trash parents basically were annoyed they couldn't abort at 7 months! Then they suggest just abondoning them at the hospital and lastly putting them up for adoption. Her mother even said that if they reconcile in the future, they can have children again later since they still have unused embryos!

  • Mother releases nonsensical statement about how she broke no Chinese laws on Chinese soil...

  • Prada dropped her and her other endorsements are also jumping ship

  • All her dramas have been taken down in China, her unreleased works will probably never see the light of day

  • Obviously the father is leaking everything in order to force her hand b/c apparently his tourist visa will be expiring in June and he cannot bring his chidren back to China b/c the mother has refused to sign the necessary paperwork. He is willing to raise the children by himself without her involvement. I don't know what her damage is.

  • Oh also, her camp is accusing the father of cheating as the reason the relationship ended. But wtf does that have to do with abondoning 2 innocent chidlren?!

Sources: 1, 2
Tags: cpop / jpop / kpop, scandal

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