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The View: James Comey, Jeff Flake, Cori Bush, Keedron Bryant, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi (Monday), Joy, Sunny, Sara, Meghan, Ana (Friday)

Friday and Monday show combined

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Black Lives Matter

The panel honors MLK Jr day by talking about how we can make this day about social justice. Joy thinks there can be no peace without accountability. Mini rant against the deplorables, drags Lindsey Graham, who blamed Pelosi for the Capitol breach. MAM says this is a ~sacred day and realizes after BLM summer how deep the pain of slavery and racism is. Thanks Sunny for being patient with her and having honest dialogue, references her idol Condoleezza Rice, etc.

Sunny references all the public figures who have spoken out against racism, particularly towards T45, and lost jobs, faced backlash, etc. Felt the country fell into a superficial false optimism. Namechecks GOP today quoting and tweeting about MLK, and their hypocrisy, rages against them. Sara is normally hopeful, but felt helpless after watching The New Yorker footage, where it’s crystal clear with the imagery and words that this insurrection was based on white supremacy. As hard as it is to have tough conversations, it’s our last option. Whoopi thinks the conversations can be small not large and we have to accept that we need to weed people out of our lives who don’t align with our belief system.

Hot Topic Cori Bush

Whew, she is really good. Worth the watch.

Rep Cori Bush (D-MO) who called T45 a White Supremacist in Chief during impeachment hearing. She just won election, got sworn in, was there during the coup, and then voted to impeach. Whirlwind 2 weeks. Talks through her mindset to this point. Can’t allow the Oval Office to embolden supporters to a coup and allow Congress to coddle him, she felt compelled to csll him out. Didn’t care they boo-ed her, she thought – they heard her, they were listening, not playing on phone, they showed themselves. Talk of consequences for the members who supported riots, expel, actual charges. They swore an oath, quotes the Constitution 14th amendment. Gives a pep talk, can’t lose hope. Feel what’s happening, but our faith has to be strong. Talks about her own narrative and being resilient, and not letting others dictate how we feel. She is an instrument of peace.

Went to orientation with mask that had Breonna Taylor’s name. Some of her colleagues called her Breonna, didn’t know. Explains the situation. Talks about Kamala being first Black female VP.

Hot Topic Keedron Bryant

Keedron Bryant I Just Want to Live became the rally song for BLM. He wrote it with his mom after the death of George Floyd. Talks a bit.



Hot Topic Friday Show Insurrectionists Want Pardons

QAnon Shaman wants a pardon. Sunny thinks insurrectionists believing they acted on T45 orders won’t fly with prosecutors, but will be used against T45 in Senate trial. His letter said the intent was to capture and /redacted/ the VP. Pardons admit guilt. And he wants a special organic diet. Failed actor who lives with his mother [lots of America feeling attacked @ that given covid fallout]. MAM necklace, nah. And MyDaughter™. Ana asks if GOP wants to be a big tent party or be a house of horrors. People have bristled at it being called a cult, but if it walks/talks/looks like a duck. Sara is like, this man is 33 yrs old, he’s responsible. His mom called the news about his organic diet. What a world we are in. Prison reform is far overdue but this clown and his special diet, gtfo.

Hot Topic Friday Show James Comey

James Comey is promoting his new book Saving Justice. Oh boy, here we go. Impeachment with 10 GOP supporting it. Hopes Senate convicts and he’s barred from office. Coup talk. Feels inauguration will be safe. Yes, they’re terrorists. Yes, due to 4 yrs of constant lying about every topic, echoed and enabled by Congress sycophants, it’s how al-Qaeda radicalized. Capitol security breakdown. Sickened but also angered, it was avoidable. Need 911-type commission to investigate security failures. Former Potus still get intel briefings. Intel is generalized, not as specific as in-office. DNI controls this, will have to determine with T45 receives, he’s a lying demagogue who can’t be trusted. If convicted, he’d be stripped of perks, and reason to cut off briefings.

JC glad he was impeached, should be convicted by Senate, but thinks Biden should pardon a criminal conviction. He clarifies. He finished the book in the fall, before the coup. Comey feels he should be pursued by SDNY to the full extent. If DOJ goes after him at Federal level, it will keep T45 in the spotlight which is a bad idea to get past his destruction, it would only give T45 a continued forum to work his cult to a frenzy. [Notable, DOJ isn’t required to prosecute, so no pardon would be necessary, while SDNY can go after state level]. Hillary “but her emails” talk.

Hot Topic Friday Show Jeff Flake

Former Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ). Supports impeachment, hopes Senate will convict. Shares same concerns as Comey that DOJ prosecution would give T45 the national spotlight vs letting SDNY take over. Feels there should be accountability (conviction) but wouldn’t want Biden first 2 years mired by nonstop reality show T45 coverage. Coup talk. Some GOP more mad at Liz Cheney vs T45. MAM reminds 74M voted for him. Who tf cares, goddd stop this, 81M did NOT vote for him. Get over it. Flake hopes party relies on coup as catalyst to move away. Thinks attacks on Liz Cheney are misogynistic.

Talks about Pence still straddling the fence even tho T45 incited his followers to /redact/ Pence. Tells a story, he’s mad that T45 is bad as he is. Glad Pence did his duty but sidesteps all the rest. Cruz and Hawley talk. Flake thinks they’ll be held accountable, re/leadership on committees and re-election, doesn’t address expelling. Calls out the election fraud lies.

Ontd are you taking Wednesday off?

Counting down 2 more days!11!!!1

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