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90 Day Fiance S8 E7 You So Bad Boy

Is Op baiting ONTD with a clip of Rebecca's wearhouse home? Is that a mattress on the floor? wait is that a shopping cart in the middle of the living room with a empty beer box? wait where's the couch? wait where's the insulation? why are the outlets exposed? Welcome as we discuss this wild wild episode.

Brandon and Julia:
- We start with parents going away for what seems overnight
- Brandon and Julia play hooky the Girls Gone Wild and Kebbler elf edition
- Betty is PISSED because the Hot tub was slightly uncovered and the worst of all!!! The water is a little cloudy (OP though Betty found a condom and thats why she flipped out)
- Brandon's parents are tired of him giving tea to Julia and not doing farm work
- Brandon throws Julia under the bus saying she's distracting him from responsibilities and his parents are pissed at her
- Julia confronts a whinny Kebbler elf and the elf told her it's her fault everyone's mad at him
- Julia wakes up early to try again and help Betty is passive aggressively showing her farm work that she already knows what to do but needs to show her "who's the boss"
- Brandon's dad tells him this farm is the legacy they are passing down including the low key puppy mill they run (Allegedly)
- Brandon's can't find his Kebbler's ball to tell his dad he doesn't want the farm

Rebecca and Zied:
- Zied is finally home after that 20+ hour flight from Tunisia and forced Applebees stop
- This apartment has everything. It a has sketchy entryway, a mattress on the floor, a living room that has no furniture, wait is that a shopping cart? yes the hottest new addition to apartment living it's a costco shopping cart with a box of beer that Rebecca had to fight a employee for on her way out, this apartment also has no insulation, walls that don't fully reach the ceiling and exposed electric outlet
- Rebecca immediately asks a million times if he likes the apartment
- Dude just wants to sleep he's also looks worried lol
- Zied FaceTime his mom she's worried about his living condition and because Rebecca's daughter and son in law treat him like crap
- Zied uses shopping cart
- Rebecca is worried Zied might be second guessing

Tarik and Hazel:
- TLC gives Hazel an edit that makes her look like she's hungry for kitty
- Tarik wants a Thai woman for their trouple
- Hazel tells that she knows Tarik message Minty
- Tarik gets caught and has a bullshit excuse about Ms.Rona and that he was gonna tell her
- Hazel gives me the iconic "wow, thanks virus" in the best sarcastic tone

Andrew and Amira:
- We start with Andrew sitting in the living room of his Ocean View room
- He sees that Amira is online and that she's on her way back to Europe
- He reiterates that this isn't his fault and that's worry Amira will blame him
- Amira is in Amsterdam does an interview with a Producer
- Goes on to say the inhumane conditions she was put through for 48hrs
- Then reveals she never wanted to do this and that Andrew manipulated her to go to Mexico
- Telling her that she needed to prove her love for him and that he always do stuff for her yet she never does things for him and that their love was fading away
- OP is waiting for Andrew to drop his location so she can "talk" with him

Jovi and Yara:
- Yara is miserable
- Yara is depressed
- Yara has a lot of pregnancy symptoms
- Has lunch with Jovi's mom and what I think was her twin
- They push her to have a wedding and Yara stands her ground and she said we already spoke about this
- They interrogate Yara and she reveals she has been proposed before but who wouldn't she is very pretty and fun
- Calls he friend can't remember what they talked about because I was distracted by the blood crust around and in her nose to what I assume was a recent nose job
- Yara's friend tells her to take a pregnancy test
- Yara doesn't think she's pregnant because she hasn't puked but... not all pregnancy are the same, I never puked with my daughter or felt nausea, yet my first pregnancy I was sick like a dog
- I do want to note next episode she picks up Jovi and he's drinking whisky in the airport at 8am

Mike and Natalie:
- Natalie is looking for that ring everywhere she can
- Mike comes home to Natalie putting her feet in the fire
- Natalie wants to cook shrimp no meat and Mike wants pasta grabs a beer
- Natalie goes on to patronize Mike on his weight then asks about the ring
- Mike hasn't felt like giving it to her or telling her where's at which pissed off Natalie
- Natalie goes on to question Mike's IQ very condescending and very patronizing way
- He walk towards to pretend to be trying to reconcile touches Natalie
- Natalies delivers another iconic quote "Don't touch me you're drunk, you scare me- AH!"
- Natalie presses on during dinner calls him low class and goes on to tell him everyone in his life is low class
- My husband who I bamboozled to watched this was in shock and agrees they're both playing each other to a game there's no winners

whew what a long post! please post Gods (mods) bless me with a flawless post.
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