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TheCW likely to renew entire lineup + Batwoman stumbles + Superman gets Super premiere

-With TheCW shows finally making their return to the airways, Mark Pedowitz is having to make calculated decisions about the networks future.

-He states "I’d rather have a known quantity on the air than an unknown quantity" not to mention that since 99% of its lineup is just starting, they will need ample time to start planning new seasons while COVID is still around.

-While DC Universes 'Swamp Thing' had strong streaming numbers for TheCW, he has no interest in reviving the show for a 2nd season as he rather put time into Painkiller, Wondergirl, and Naomi. Though he wouldnt mind if Swamp Thing guest starred on Legends of Tomorrow.

-Green Arrow and the Canaries future laid upon HBO Max picking it up and allowing TheCW to take it over for a 2nd season, similar to Stargirl. Since HBO Max was not interested, TheCW passed.

-Black Lightning and Supergirl will also be coming to an end this season as the network appears to be wanting to gear towards younger heroes given their interest in a Painkiller spin off.

-Batwomans 2nd season kicked off last night and pulled in 663,000 viewers and a 0.1 rating. S1 averaged 995K/0.26 in viewers while the finale drew 740K/0.2.

-Since Batwoman is the first CW show back from its hiatus this year only time will tell how its ratings will stack up against the rest of the CW lineup

-Due to COVID shutting down The Flash production for 2 weeks, TheCW has decided to push season premiere back 1 week

-Since The Flash is pushed back, TheCW has decided to give Superman & Lois a 2hr season premiere.

-It is believed that the premiere wasnt set up to be supersized so it will just be a combination of the first two episodes.

-Will be the first 2hr premiere within the last decade on TheCW

-A couple weeks ago, TheCW put out a poster that drew criticsm from not only fans but a Charmed One as well, read more about it here

-They have since then released a new poster that focuses on the sisters sans Harry and everyone being of "equal" height this time.

-Of course all promotional material from the show is left over from Season 1 since TheCW is cheap and doesnt like to do new photoshoots if it can bypass them.

-CW has released a sneak peak of tonight's 3rd season premiere of All American

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