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Real Housewives of Salt Lake City 1.10 “Will These Hoes Take Any Accountability?”

- in another week of go girl give us nothing, we follow the fallout from Coach Shah’s birthday party
- Jen nor Whitney will take no responsibility for their poor behavior at the party. Jen, you marriage being on the rocks is not SweetGrinch’s fault
- Heather is expanding her beauty lab and gives the most cringeworthy response to the birthday party conflict by saying it’s also her fault. She was on the periphery of the conflict don’t insert yourself to be desperate for someone’s friendship when you could just like ummm explain your issues with Jen like an adult
- Meredith and Seth give good ASMR. This dude wore a Fruit of the Loom hoodie to dinner, even Oflisa wore a blazer
- even Cult Leader Mary thought Whitney should’ve had chosen a better time and place to explain to Jen the issue
- Four Lokoquacious Lisa Barlow and not Lisa Barlow both deny calling Jen scary
- no more Brooks! no more Brooks!
- did y’all peep the reunion lewks? They don’t deserve a season two for those fashions alone.


Do you guys want me to make you something or are you not craving a microwave hot dog right now?
Tags: reality show - bravo, the real housewives (bravo)

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