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The Expanse 5X07 discussion (aftershow and twitter roundup)

This weekly post is dedicated to Ty Franck's answers about the science of The Expanse, since people had questions. But first, Ty and Wes had their weekly Aftershow and discussed 5X07 with Dominique Tipper.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
* In S2 they showed Holden's growth by him not going after the protomolecule and going to save Naomi, now they show his growth by not going after Naomi and instead going after the protomolecule. Wes praises Dom's work in 5X07. It's the most emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted Dom has ever been on the show. It took everything out of her and took her a couple of months to recover, it was so emotionally draining. Dom says she isn't a method actress, instead she finds writing character memories really helpful to pull from. Filming the flashback scene was a nice break from being at each other's throats all season, to explore what their love might have looked like and also empowered why their hate was so impassioned. Ty thinks it was important to show why Naomi might have been with Marco, to understand where she comes from.

* They talk about the science of Naomi's space walk. NASA accidentally put one of their scientists in vacuum in the 60's, it's on video so they know what happens. The two big dangers are radiation (there's nothing between you and the sun, that's why Naomi gets burned on one side of her face, the one that's facing the sun) and there not being any air- on earth you can hold your breath and keep air in your lungs, in space you can't do that, you have to let the air out or it will damage your lungs. That means you have about 15 seconds of oxygen in your blood before you pass out. A few minutes later, if you're still in space, you'll die.

* Dom thinks Holden is safe for Naomi, that he provides safety and calmness and is the opposite of Marco. Ty sees Marco as the bad guy version of Holden, they're both charismatic and incredibly passionate about their ideals about how the world should be and are driven by them. Dom says you get glimpses of the dark side of Holden's drive when he goes after the protomolecule in s2 and that was why Naomi left, that was when he started looking like Marco to her. The line is so thin, it's so easy to cross it. [OP Note: Holden? Charismatic? Citation needed. And IMO while I do think Holden is moral, he tends to be more laid back and waits to come across a wrong he needs to fix, rather than chase it down and change the world]

* Naomi has always represented hope. Those months looking for Filip beat the hope out of her. Now she goes into that situation again with that same hope, that she'll be able to save him from Marco's radicalization and manipulation. That moment he backhands her on the bridge was when she realized she couldn't do it, she failed to break through and it has a higher cost this time. In this moment Marco 'won again', when she thought she reached Filip and Cyn and they turned from her. It gives Naomi her freedom back, she can't fix this and can allow herself to give up. But on the outside it looks like justification for suicide attempt (which is what she wants them to think she's doing). Cyn thinks he understands what's happening because of that moment.

* Dom talks about Marisol Adler, the director for 5X07 (and 5X08). Dom isn't sure she would have been able to get through these episodes without her attentiveness and nurturing-ness that she brought, she was very careful with what Dom was doing. Dom felt cushioned by her and that she had her back. Dom also praises the choices she made, like how she cut the flashbacks to just be in Naomi's head and not be cheesy and to serve as a contrast for the dynamic with Marco in the next scene. Ty says, not taking anything away from her as a great director, that having a woman direct those episodes about an abusive relationship and escaping it adds just a little more empathy to it.

Jared Harris, who played Anderson Dawes in S1+2 and is continuously referenced on the show, is still a fan.

Science Q&A with James SA Corey (Ty Franck) behind a cut, featuring Holden not getting sucked out in 5X04, [spoilers for 5X07]Cyn passing out immediately, Naomi's space walk, Bobbie's discarded bullet and Roci spin maneuver.

And the one thing that was intentionally fudged-

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Spoilers for 5X07-
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Naomi fucking Nagata, queen of space
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