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Wonder Woman 1984 Video Roundup & Late Discussion Post (ft. Female Small Youtubers)

Vid #1 Description:
What is good and bad about the newest Wonder Woman movie. Comparison with the first. General Review.
Vid #2 Description:
Heavy spoiler rundown of movie. Some analysis. Ends with tips from movie.
Vid #3 Description:
Discourse of the ways Wonder Woman 1984 failed to live up to audience expectations. Some spoilers. Some Analysis.
Vid #4 Description:
General review and heavier focus on the racism in the movie. Some spoilers.

Hello Ontd! I just watched Wonder Woman 1984 yesterday. Would anyone be interested in a late-to-the-party discussion post???
What did you think was the worst thing about the movie? For me, I found Diana so sanctimonious and patronizing! I'm not sure if that is just Gal Gadot's personality though.

Source 1 Source 2 Source 3 Source 4

Tags: chris pine, dc comics, film - action / adventure, gal gadot

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