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The View: Cindy McCain, Rob Lowe, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza 2: The Coup d'état™

They all say the things that you’d think they’d say. Also Meghan’s eyeshadow looks like she’s going to a Disco Ball.

Hot Topic Cindy McCain

First segment
They talk about impeachment. She supports impeachment to hold him accountable. They talk about McCain legacy and Liz Cheney. They talk about the 10 GOP who supported impeachment and if more would have, if the vote had been private. She talks up a Biden-Harris admin and how much it’s needed to get back to where we can work together. MAM says her mom looks pretty. Brings up AZ GOP voting to censure Cindy McCain*, Jeff Flake, Gov Doug Doucey. They had previously censured John McCain.

Second segment
They talk about what would John McCain have said or done. Rule of Law talk, but not the cult mob version. They talk about a John McCain bio-pic. She’ll be an exec producer so she’ll have narrative control. Jokes about who should play him -Robert Duvall, Ed Harris, an old friend who may be in the movie wants Scott Eastwood play him.

*They’re voting to censure Cindy McCain because of her support for Biden-Harris and because she supports gay marriage and LGBT rights.

Hot Topic Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe first talks about West Wing which would seem like science fiction at this point. Talks about his sighting of Prince Harry with his hair in a ponytail. Has had fun during quarantine dressing up as Tiger King and having a cardboard cutout as one of the fake seaters at a MLB game and now both of his 20s age sons are back home living with him. Promotes 9-1-1 Lone Star and talks about filming during covid restrictions. Was almost the lead in Footloose and tells story why he didn’t get the part. Promotes podcast Literally which is a nod to his character’s catch phrase from Parks and Recreation. Has a mini Friends Reunion spoiler (it’s not really a spoiler lol).

Ontd what do you think sbout Jaime Harrison for DNC Chair!


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Posts from This Сommunity “the view (abc)” Tag