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Kpop Post: Yubin,woo!ah!,VICTON & more!

Former WonderGirls member Yubin, releases solo track “Perfume”

After delivering “Bad Girl” woo!ah! Are back with “I don’t miss u”

Here’s Victon with “What I said”

The boys of MCND return with “Crush”

STAYC performs a remix of their hit song “So Bad”

Remember you guys can still check the
30 best Kpop songs of 2020 HERE
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Here for my boys Victon !!!! Happy to answer any questions if anyone is interested in stanning lol

That woo!ah! song is a bop. I liked their debut too. MCND have a very distinct sound in all of their songs and I can't tell if I'm into it or not lol
I'm here for Yubin succubus concept
Kill all the men and stay young and beautiful
Yea the ending was everything lol I was like well that’s a body in the tub
i think i'd like yubin's song if someone else was singing it (no shade to her, just not a fan of her tone). the video's really cool though!

not feeling the new woo!ah! either. my curiosity is piqued for cherry bullet's mini album, "hands up" has been on repeat lol.
Yubin's other recent release, WAVE, is way better:


January 13 2021, 20:00:21 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  January 13 2021, 20:00:50 UTC

I really like Yubin’s song even though the vocal tone isn’t my favorite. I think she sounds much better on her citypop track Lady (which is ❤️). The intro wasn’t needed but at least the MV is visually pleasing

Victon (that autocorrect though lol) song is a lot of fun, like I said in another post it’s the boy group version of Bling Bling’s GGB which I also love lol.

But I’m ready for January 26th!!! Bring on the new Dreamcatcher mini!
I really liked Yubin's citypop stuff when she was still under JYP, but I haven't liked any of her releases since :( I wanted to like Perfume but something seems off about the song production?
I would love more city pop from her, she did it so well!!! But city pop is niche and despite retro having a moment, city pop isn’t big with the mainstream so I’m not surprised if she doesn’t go back to it :(
It's such a shame! It's not the biggest factor in it, but I also like how you could be cheesy for citypop and that helped hide/laugh at a lower budget for things.
I wasn't familiar with Victon before but I used this cb to check them out and I like what I've heard so far. Of the new album "What I said" and "Unpredictable" have made it to my playlist but need to give it another listen.
go Yubin Go!!
Yubin's song is fun. I like it. I feel like this new style of pronunciation is new for her though??
I do think Victon should change the thumbnail. The backside of a member in a basic outfit isn’t very interesting. The MV has plenty of scenes that could work
Adding this because it's soooooo good!!!! So far, my favorite k-pop release of the month.


January 14 2021, 08:28:22 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  January 14 2021, 08:29:04 UTC

Baths with gross coloured water seems to be popular.

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