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Olympic Gold Medal swimmer exposed as domestic terrorist

Three-time Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Klete Keller has other honor to add to his resume: domestic terrorist.

Keller was exposed inside the Capitol building last Wednesday by website SwimSwam. They were able to identify him because the idiot decided to wear his Olympic jacket while unmasked, making him easily visible to anyone who might recognize him.

Keller has since deleted all social media profiles.

Tags: politics, sports / athletes - swimming

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Decided to wear his Olympic jacket while unmasked, making him easily visible to anyone who might recognize him

A racist idiot throwing their entire reputation away to defend another racist idiot? How surprising!

Deleted comment

Meanwhile Ryan Lochte is thrilled to no longer be the Dum Dum of swimming
Isn’t that his entire brand, though?
Strip him strip him strip him!
*of his medals
we can revoke medals right
They’ll revoke them for doping so I imagine other things can be allowed too.
For breaking the rules and regulations of the sports/games. I've never heard of someone being stripped of their medal for being a deplorable person. I don't know if they have rules for it.

tl;dr the vast majority have been revoked for doping, the few exceptions have had to do with what the IOC sees as bad sportsmanship/violation of their rules. Then again, how many Olympians been terrorists? Take away everything he has.
I don't think "we" (the United States) can? I think it has to be the Olympics Committee?
given how pretty much every international body hates Trump... i can only imagine they'd be all to happy to do so given the international disgust over this incident.


3 months ago

i know his name is short for kletoris
There's a joke about not being able to find himself somewhere here
For some reason, this truly shocked me. I know Olympians are just people but I feel like it’s such a powerful thing to be an Olympian. So bizarre.
Not that it's on the level of domestic terrorism but Ryan Lochte was an olympian as well lol.
Lol yes
I saw that headline on insta with a pic of Phelps, Lochte, and Keller and I immediately assumed it was be Lochte lol.
I mean, we're all surprised that Lochte wasn't there, right?


3 months ago


3 months ago


3 months ago

I shared a dorm with some Olympians in college and they loved to party, although were better at maintaining their health obv


3 months ago


3 months ago


3 months ago

This doesn't surprise me at all. I follow gymnastics, and there are so many high level athletes who are weird Trump supporters. Keep in mind high level athletics costs $$$$$$, in sports like swimming, gymnastics, hockey, skating, they all benefit from having good facilities coaching and all that jazz. In turn A LOT of people who make it to the elite level are rich white people. So it doesn't surprise me that there is probably a good chunk of them who are also massive conservatives.
I’m trying to find out if my high school sweetheart (excuse me while I barf) was there. He’s got plenty of kill all liberals shit on his Facebook which I reported. I really wouldn’t be surprised. And while he was a cheating asshole, he is one where I can say his being radicalized really surprises me. Like I don’t know what happened. I know that’s a familiar story, that not all raging q anons were people you could call it in your fam/circle.

But I don’t fucking get it. I didn’t before the brain injury and because there is zero logic I really don’t after. At all.

Swimboy needs to go down. Anyone there does.
Oh, yikes. I never thought to look and see if anyone I knew growing up when there.
I grew up in Missouri so I really wouldn't be surprised. My sperm donor voted 45 last year after NEVER voting once in my lifetime (and probably his own tbh) turned because 45's name was on the stimulus check...like it doesn't take much to tip people tbh, and once they're skewed feed them some lies and all the mail 45 (it was a lot) sent out over the last four years, social media and TV and here we are in another insane case of mass hysteria.

I hope they all go down, swimboy and all the rest.
My parents are basically radicalized — not to QAnon levels, but they’re still pro-Trump despite all of this garbage. I thought that the riots would sway them back into the world of reason, but instead this situation confirmed my worst fears.

I’ve already told my daughter and boyfriend that if I undergo a severe personality and values shift into conservatism due to an injury, they should cut their losses after a certain point if I’m unable to retrain my brain
I’m sorry about your parents. I’ve known a few who were in your situation and it just sounds horrifically hard. Especially when it’s people who can’t see that the values they instilled in their kids, are something they disregard in others.

There are plenty of “yup not surprised about uncle Bobby.” Moments. And so many where it’s just such a wtf? Why are you ignoring rational?

I’m sorry for your situation and for anyone dealing with a immediate family member who was radicalized.


3 months ago

I would almost bet money on my high school bf being there. He's really gotten radicalized since high school and is very mentally unstable. I don't even want to know, I've been bracing myself for news he's shot up a mall for years.


3 months ago

I am absolutely convinced that my bf's brother was there. He deleted his Facebook days after the election and I am pretty sure moved to Parler. He seems radical and stupid enough to have been there with his face uncovered, so I've been scouring all of the photos.

lol at least he's really fucking stupid ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
"Klete D. Keller (born March 21, 1982) is a suspected seditious insurrectionist and an American former competition swimmer who won medals at the 2000, 2004, and 2008 Summer Olympics in the 400-meter freestyle and the 4×200-meter freestyle relay."

Wikipedia editors wasted no time.
Every single person who stepped onto the grounds of the Capitol building should be not only facing but should be facing the wrath of everyone, always.

Any past accomplishments and any future accomplishments are meaningless in the face of what they've done.
I’m so tired of the excuses of people saying they were just there for a rally. If that’s true, they should have a record of calling 911 the minute this went into insurrection.
The FBI had a press conference today said they are looking to ID anyone who was there and at least hit them with trespassing. They're also using the initial trespassing charge so that they can be arrested in any state and then if more evidence comes up about them they can press more charges. It's going to be slow but at least they are going after them.
For clarification, trespassing only if they entered the Capitol? Or attended the really or general?

I'm ready to start reporting randos on ig lmao


3 months ago


3 months ago

i'm honestly furious that they allowed them to leave the grounds in the first place. they should've arrested every single person on site.


3 months ago

they can also be stripped of their citizenship for committing treason. they literally won't even be americans anymore lmao



3 months ago


3 months ago


3 months ago

Well... I guess the one blessing regarding anti-maskers is how easily identifiable they’ve made themselves. You played ya selves, clowns.
i am just living for how fucking dumb these people are at every angle
these people really thought there would be zero consequences
I hope that's him expelled from the sport forever. (Not that he could swim in jail where he belongs)


January 12 2021, 21:30:56 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  January 12 2021, 21:31:49 UTC

This other man stormed the Capitol and then SAT DOWN FOR AN INTERVIEW with Bloomberg about it. “Do you think I’m going to go to federal prison?” Fellows asked. “I was told federal prison is not fun.” https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-12/-no-regrets-a-capitol-rioter-tells-his-story-from-inside

Between these terrorists and Armie Hammer, the complete AUDACITY of white men to think can so carelessly get away with anything and everything.
What a dumb human.
“I was told federal prison is not fun."

“I was told federal prison is not fun.”

It isn't??
this is all very

I’m almost certain my dads side of the family was there, they’ve had their SM on lockdown since the 1st. It would make my year to report them
Crossing my fingers for you
did you go through the photos on the FBI's website?
I hope you do!
Look through the FBI site and see if they're there!

Or, an easier route, text them and see if they're dumb enough to tell you. But ask in a way that sounds like you're on their side and are just concerned lol
Do it, I'm sure they have scanned in the faces and can quickly assess if any of them are a match.
A friend of mine's father was wanting to go and take her mother whom is suffering from alzheimers and drop her off at family and go to the rally.
It didn't work out... LUCKILY. If anything for her and her mother whom obviously is not in a competent state and from what I've heard was there to help balance him out. I can only imagine what she would be going through if he had ended up going.
omfg. That is so sad. And these people claim to value family.
I hope you find the dirt you need to make your dreams comes true!
Pretty sure you can report them anyway if it's suspected. Let the fbi do the work and scanning and matching
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