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A lot of MARVEL News: Buffy casting, Spiderman 3 rumors, Deadpool 3, more Avengers etc.

[Kevin Feige confirms DEADPOOL 3 will be Rated R and will be set in the MCU. Will begin filming in 2022]

[Emma Caulfield (Anya from Buffy TVS) has a secret BIG role in WANDAVISION]

[WANDAVISION, DOCTOR STRANGE 2 and SPIDERMAN 3 directors are working together to tell a cohesive Multiverse story.]

[Kevin Feige confirms there will be more AVENGERS films, but not in Phase 4]

[There are early talks for a hybrid theatrical and streaming release for BLACK WIDOW.]

[Kevin Feige confirms that some of the SPIDERMAN 3 rumours are true.]

[Marvel is considering to bring back Jon Bernthal as THE PUNISHER. When Kevin Feige was asked about the Netflix characters he said NEVER SAY NEVER]

[BLACK PANTHER 2 will introduce Doctor Doom. Kevin Feige confirms they will not CGI Chadwick Boseman]


[Kevin Feige explains why SECRET INVASION will be a tv show and not a film]

[WANDAVISION will only have one season. LOKI and FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER will have multiple.]

[Kevin Feige confirms the X-MEN are now being actively discussed within the MCU]

[Kevin Feige confirms WANDAVISION will have a connection with FULL HOUSE]

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ONTD, 4 days til Wandavision!!!
Tags: #blackpanther, #blackwidow, buffyverse / whedonverse, casting / auditions, daredevil / the defenders (netflix), marvel, spider-man, the avengers, x-men

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