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ONTD Original: 8 celebrity men I would allow to take my virginity (piv style)

a little ontd original about what celebrity men I would mind losing my virginty to // if i wasn't a virgin have sex with, this is just a fun little list, please don't take it to seriously. also yes there are probably more men I could add but honestly I don't really know that many celebrities so yeah <3

- Oscar Isaac from Inside Llewyn Davis

I'm not saying he's only good looking in this film because we all now Oscar is a good looking man, but I really liked how he looks in this film, the curly hair and a beard thats not is not to long but also not to short.

- Cillian Murphy

yes I know not every likes he's deep set eyes but I think he's sexy and he have a nice voice.

- Henry Golding

he cute, he have a nice British accent, mommy like.

- John Boyega

He would treat me right, i just know it.

- Rahul Kohli

He was so freaking cute in The Haunting of Bly Manor 😍

- Colin Farrell

hot. that it.

- Dev Patel

He have grown up to be such a handsome man <3

- Logan Lerman

I think he's cute okay also I need some men on this list that is closer to my age.

source: me
Tags: actor / actress, cillian murphy, colin farrell, dev patel, john boyega, logan lerman, ontd original, oscar isaac

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