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Update Post: More Armie Hammer DM Leaks

TW: sexual assault, graphic images
[Under a spoiler for graphic description]

Previous post here

As of a few hours ago, Jessica Ciencin (known for dating A*mie previously) has posted an update on her Twitter about the validity of the DMs posted by houseofeffie on Instagram.

Quick recap:

  • The Instagram user sends an INITIAL DM to gossip account deuxmoi after attempting to expose him

  • Someone on Twitter complies a thread containing these DMs, as well as other girls who share similar accounts and stories

  • Effie eventually opens an insta account, dedicating to releasing screenshots and recordings of the DM conversations she shared with him (you can check these by following the private account or the screenshots other users posted in the previous post)

  • Over the course of the night, other women send DMs to deuxmoi, confirming the DMs and Effie's story

  • Many of his exes unfollow him, and begin following Effie and one another

  • Jessica posts the tweet and some stories on insta, confirming the DMs as real

wirh new info I figured making a new post was needed -- the DMs (by all accounts and from other people involved) are REAL, so please be mindful.

mods i made this post on mobile so please let me know if something is wrong
UPDATE: Jessica has since deleted her twitter account - I've attached a screenshot of the tweet + a small description of what the media in the tweets were

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