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Hanson are still terrible, to the shock of no one.

In an Mmmbop, they're not gone. Not yet anyway. 90's pop trio Hanson are back to prove for the 200th time that they are never going to stop being white men from Oklahoma. First, it was Zac being a vicious racist
, then it was Isaac being a Republican Christian, well now in the third chapter of this not thrilling or even remotely surprising saga, Taylor is allegedly a homophobe, all three are sexists who believe women belong at home, and they're still hanging out with their full brood despite Covid-19 safety protocols.

According to an AMA on PostHanson reddit with a former 3CG employee (3CG being their record company), Hanson live in an ass-kissing bubble where no one will tell them they are horrible people. I expect one will run for office soon.

The ex employee alleges:

-No one informs them of negative feedback from fans, but they can't handle criticism anyway.

-All three don't want their wives to work (I assume so they can keep popping out 25 kids each)

-All three have displayed racist micro-aggressions towards their black back up musicians.

-Taylor thinks gay families are "wrong"

-Apparently their dad, a former accountant, made very smart investments with their MON money, so that's why they can have 70 children and pay for their siblings and their families as well.

Speaking of their family, here's a recent picture of ALL of them, all huddled together with brand new babies, pregnant women, and two people over 65 with no quarantine, masks, or social distancing.


Sources: 1| 2

Does seeing insanely big families like that make anyone else want to get their knees sewn shut?
Tags: hanson, nobody, race / racism, sexism

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