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The View: Chris Murphy, Hot Topics

Panel is Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana, Meghan

Also FFA Politics

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Coup D’Etat

First segment
Ana talks about her reaction. She fled communism and now this is happening in USA and she’s livid at Trump supporters and enablers. She has a rant that they legitimized a criminal madman for the power of making policy changes that don’t even represent what the majority of Americans want. Imagine if they had impeached him last year.

Second segment
More talk on fallout, discussion about the police officer who died as a result of being beaten with a fire extinguisher. Moves on to what a crisis this really is. It’s not just the Olive Garden hillbillies who stormed the Capitol. There’s a millionaire radio announcer lady who bragged about flying her private jet to the coup. How did a 14 yr Air Force veteran get radicalized. They want something -resignation, 25th, or impeachment, all seem unlikely. What interests Sara about impeachment is that regardless of short timeline, an impeachment conviction would prevent him from running for elected office again. But even when he’s gone, America is still left with the mob hive-mind that he emboldened*

Third segment
Sunny doesn’t like resignation because that allows a pardon by Pence. Obviously Pence and Cabinet won’t move forward with 25th. If Congress can sit a SCOTUS in a week, then they can push through impeachment to disqualify him from holding future office and hold him accountable. As for the mob hivemind reaction, why try to understand 74M racist cult followers who are supporting sedition, instead hold them accountable for enabling a fascist madman. Sunny is confused and she’s gonna have to walk back her comments. She says a pardon could cover SDNY state charges, and we all know that’s false.

*T45 officially joined Parler so that’s gonna end well, especially when he gets banned from all the other platforms permanently and can rage like a lunatic in his echo chamber

Hot Topics Senator Chris Murphy

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) talks about T45 not coming to Biden inauguration. The hostage video calling for peaceful transition, then him refusing to attend is a mixed message. It took mob about 1 hr to break through the barriers. Top 3 line of succession in the building so how did that happen. More talk about same topics. Poor preparation, slow response, hypocrisy in response vs BLM. Moves on to impeachment. Feels it would pass House, but a hurdle for Senate which would need 20-22 GOP to get on board. Meghan the crybaby wants to talk about Josh Hawley the crybaby. CM says all the normal sane things. She’s so ridiculous. Her narcissism makes everything about -her- so she sees any cancel culture of other trash people linked to cancel culture dragging her*. MAM interrupts him while he’s answering her own question, then asks if he should resign. CM says that’s up to him and the people of Missouri.

*Basically Meghan THEE Brat is saying this unpopular guy who wants to eat your face should have the right to publish a book that talks about eating your face and if he isn’t allowed to put out his book about eating your face then Oh No how terrible.

Hot Topic Josh Hawley is a Traitor and Crybaby

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) wants to run for POTUS so he got a contract with Simon & Schuster to publish a book, always the blueprint leading up to a national campaign. After his obvious and criminal act of sedition on Wednesday, S&S said Lol no. Now he’s crybaby whining that there are consequences for his actions and despite BEING A LAWYER claims it’s a violation of his right to free speech (narrator: it is not). Sunny also a lawyer says he’s wrong. Sara supports S&S to make their own decision but says other dumb stuff I’m not going to summarize. MAM (Me-Again McCain) says Yes he’s right about cancel culture, equates a legal contract for work product with being able to eat in a restaurant. Says conservatives are usually at the top of cancel culture (maybe because you’re trash, idk). Ana also a Republican says No he can pound sand, he committed sedition, and if he thinks enough people really want to read his book, then go self-publish. Joy the liberal points out S&S decision is the cornerstone of capitalism, where businesses can make their own decisions at will.

Hot Topic Sunny Tragic Covid News

Sunny’s husband Manny lost both his father (28 Dec) and his mother (1 Jan) due to covid. Omg. Both parents were physicians and very careful. Despite lots of contact tracing, they still can’t figure out how the parents got covid. Sunny is emotional, what a tough message. Thanks her panel for looking after her. She cries a little. Oof both her husband’s parents gone days apart and during the holidays.

Noting that the show was on break during the holidays and started back this week mere days after the double loss of two parents (in-law), yet Sunny is still able to behave and moderate her emotions on camera all week better than Meghan THEE Brat.

Bonus Impeachment Talks

A short recap where we are

▪️ Article(s) of Impeachment are in progress
▪️ Pelosi has said if Trump doesn’t resign, they will proceed
▪️ Articles likely to be submitted Monday with vote by Wednesday
▪️ Nadler who is Chairman of Judiciary has said he will forego standard committee process and send directly to House floor to speed things up
▪️ Over 200 elected officials are in support of impeachment
▪️ Pelosi has been in touch with Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff to discuss safety of country from national security standpoint given that TRE45ON still has access to the codes

For everyone who may wonder about the timeline

▶️ there are legal processes that it goes through to be Constitutionally valid
▶️ they may be organizing at least some witness testimony to solidify position
▶️ Pelosi and her staff have to canvass the entire House to tally likely Yea votes which will require minimum 218 votes to Impeach before they can pass to Senate

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