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Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Finale Recap & Interviews

{Season 3 Finale Recap: That Hope Is You, Part 2
& SMG On Michael's Journey and Season 4}

-In the season finale, Osyraa was defeated, the crew took back Discovery, Trill rejoined the Federation, and Ni'Var came to the aid and will likely imminently rejoin.
-That nice relay station true believer fellow Aditya from 3x01 returns, has reached the Federation finally, and is now a Lieutenant!
-Michael is now CAPTAIN BURNHAM of the USS Discovery!!!!
-The crew has awful new uniforms which do absolutely nothing for their figures tbh.

-Season 4 began production on Nov 2, 2020, and everyone is back in Toronto filming, so never fear!
-Helping Gray be seen again and corporeal will be followed up in Season 4, with Michelle Paradise saying it's very important for them to explore further.
-Showrunner Michelle Paradise confirms Saru is back in Season 4! Saru is last seen back on Kaminar helping Su'Kal settle in and being his surrogate dad figure.
"Doug Jones is not going anywhere. Saru will be back, a hundred percent in season four. So rest easy, sleep well. We're not letting Doug go anywhere. We're holding onto him."

-Sonequa Martin-Green notes that Michael taking the Captain’s chair was always "in the ether" from the show’s beginning, and that "Burnham would be on this journey of self-actualization that would also be the journey to the chair."
-She says: "It was important to me that Burnham overcome all of the necessary challenges to be the person that would be ready to accept that call. I think it makes [being a captain] that much more impactful. And it meant so much to me as a Black woman to have that moment right now at this point in time."
-On why it’s time for Michael to take the chair and why she’s perfect for it at this point in time: "This woman has a distorted [way of] thinking that is needed for the moment, that is the mark of a leader, but many people are resistant to it because there is a rebellious tone to it, because it goes against the grain."

-SMG on Michael’s mistakes (of which there are many): " of the things I’m grateful for with this show and this character is that you see this well-rounded woman make these deep moral mistakes and miss the mark. She is strong and honorable and beautiful and all of those things, but she is also human and makes mistakes and has to grapple with them. And all of these things are being dealt with right before your very eyes. It means a lot to me that this woman’s vulnerabilities are so exposed, because as a viewer, I need to see those things. Because like everyone, I’m going through those struggles in my own life."

-SMG on her motivations, her career, Trek, and why it matters right now in time: "Yeah, I want to do things that touch people, that make people feel better, that are positive, that do good, and that is not something you can predict. You can’t predict impact. But something like Star Trek, it already has impact. It was such a blessing to be able to come into something that already had an influence, with [prescient themes], especially right now in this politicized time on the heels of the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement. I’m thinking about all of these things, about hope, and diversity and inclusion, and connection in my own life, and how as a Black woman I can champion [these causes]. And that’s why sitting in the captain’s chair at the end is just so powerful and brings tears to my eyes when I think about what it represents."

Sources: Vulture Interview, CBR Twitter, TV Insider Twitter

Thank you to everyone who followed along with me this season in our ONTD Discoteer 32nd Century Space Fam posts! Let's Fly 🖖💖


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