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The View: Sanjay Gupta, Raphael Warnock, Ken Jeong, Martha Raddatz, Amy Klobuchar, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Meghan

Tue-Wed-Thu shows combined + new FFA Politics post

⏩ Meghan THEE Brat segments noted in cut text and summaries ⏪

▪️Meghan fights with Joy on Tuesday
▪️Meghan attitude spills over to Wednesday

More behind the cut

Hot Topic TRE45ON Coup

Everyone rants, rightfully so. Whoopi was seething but measured in tone. Meghan has a MySisterInLaw™ who works on Capitol Hill. Calls him a Mad King, wants 25th. Everyone is upset and despondent but she escalates to a full on almost-yelling that is more narcissistic than empathetic. I thought she was going to have an aneurism. Sara feels we saw the foreshadowing. Too late for McConnell and Graham late night speeches when they either enabled (McConnell) or openly supported (Graham). Joy feels like it brought a lot of people finally seeing what she’s been complaining about for 4 yrs. Glad the Dems will control both chambers of Congress, and calls out the hypocrisy in response. Name checks all the losers.

Sunny talks about the lack of police presence. Says all the things Ontd has said about BLM response vs coup attempt. Angry about Confederate Flag waved at the Capitol (STOP INTERRUPING MEGHAN). Joy liked Romney speech last night. The lying is the biggest problem. Matt "Who is Nestor" Gaetz is still lying. Meghan interrupts AGAIN. Says WH senior staff isn’t going in, some are resigning, others feel like they need to stay because otherwise it would go further off the rails. Whoopi believes T45 sent his cult mob to the Capitol because T45 knew he hadn’t sent his own National Guard for crowd control.

Hot Topics ABC Martha Raddatz

Super interesting, she was reporting live on the street during the coup

She calls them domestic terrorists. She had been on streets all morning, she was near the Ellipse. Talks about interviewing people on the streets. So much cognitive dissonance. No one thought it was bad, they brought their children, there was a noose. More talk about lacking LEO presence. Capitol Police were totally outnumbered, unprepared, and also some obviously complicit. More talk about BLM vs coup enforcement. Juxtaposed Lincoln Memorial this summer in full uniform vs yesterday being traffic cops. Disturbed there were so many veterans who think they were defending constitution, wearing full tactical gear. And flex cuffs (zip ties). Took until 530PM after nearly 4 hrs for NG to arrive. Rioters were allowed to storm the building then walk out and go home. Hotel staff said the mob was overheard saying they hate LEO now, can only trust T45. Talks about 25th.

Hot Topic Amy Klobuchar

Amy joined live after 7 mins of sleep (j/k but voting ended at 345AM). She was top Dem on certification panel. She had just dragged Ted Cruz about AZ, when they were told to evacuate. Tells the story. Mentions the young lady staff members who took the paper EC vote certificates (photo commented in last Celeb Reaction post). Says all Senators were sequestered together when Biden spoke live in the afternoon, and all clapped when he finished. More talk about LEO issues. T45 and his cult had been talking about Jan 6 for weeks. Congress was told security would be like SOTU address since both chambers were meeting, but then there was hardly any security. More talk about BLM vs coup.

They discuss 25th. Amy agrees he should be gone. Other alternatives are impeachment or censure. It was important to get the EC certification complete.


Hot Topic Wednesday Show GEORGIA! + Rude Meghan

First segment (Meghan rude)
Warnock joins live, Meghan pouts and is super rude. From the very start, she is clearly butthurt over the previous day beef with Joy WHICH MEGHAN STARTED. A few mins in, he tells a cute story about his mom. The whole panel laughs. Except Me-again looks like she just overheard what her gold-digger husband really thinks of her. Then a few mins later, it’s Meghan’s turn to ask him questions. Warnock answers and says xyz and she keeps harping, so fucking rude. Whoopi starts to close out the segment, Meghan continues to interrupt and push it. Whoopi snaps.

Second segment
They talk more about the Senate balance, Ossoff declared he won tho at time of show it hadn’t been officially called yet. Not that noteworthy.

Third segment (Meghan fee fees are hurt)
Meghan says blah blah about Loeffler and Perdue. Starts off saying she’s distracted (because Whoopi fussed at her earlier) then just stops altogether because she says she can’t keep her train of thought. So Sara picks it up.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Ken Jeong

He’s a funny guy. His resolution is to travel less and spend more time with his family lool. He’s promoting The Masked Singer and the new The Masked Dancer. Likes them for mindless family friendly entertainment that lets you rest your brain. The panel has fun joking with him. Jokes about mixing up Mariah Carey lips with Wendy Williams lips, tells story. He’s also a bonafide doctor! More stories related to his medical background and talking covid on the set with colleagues.

His wife is also a practicing physician. Shows his baby picture which is soooo cute with huge cheeks. Got a new dog during shutdown. A golden doodle. Super cute doggie. Dog joins the show who licks the mic. His wife joins also, some comments on her being a cancer survivor. The dog messes up his mic haahahaha. He keeps talking but he can’t be heard.


Hot Topic Tuesday Show TRE45ON + Meghan Fight

First segment
They talk about T45 trying to pressure Pence on Tuesday to overturn the election and whether Pence going against him is to save his (Pence) political career. Sunny thinks Pence is a horrible leader, has failed miserably at the covid response that he was put in charge of, and wants him to disappear to Indiana never to be heard of again. Sara laughs that it’s like an Oscar announcer saying Best Movie La La Land as if they can change the outcome when it’s only ceremonial, and that how does T45 not know Pence can’t actually do anything. Me-again talks about 2024 landscape. Blah blah. Joy makes some jokes.

Second segment, MEGHAN FIGHT
They talk about the GOP fracturing and whether there should be more than 2 parties. Lol what a news cycle this week has been. Joy thinks you have Republicans and Seditionists. And you have Democrats and Progressives. Joy is in the middle of her remarks and Meghan interrupts Joy, which pisses off Joy who wants to finish her comments first. Meghan just rolls over her and goes on a rant, Joy is like I WAS SPEAKING, then Meghan says Joy missed her during maternity leave whereby Joy said I DID NOT MISS YOU. AT ALL. So then Meghan gets butthurt and calls Joy rude. Goddd she's such a child. Whoopi intervenes and goes to Sara, who goes back to comments about Republicans. Meghan is now pouting, so she says Sunny was trying to speak so it should be her turn. The look on Sara’s face lool. Whoopi steps in again. Sunny talks more about traditional conservatism vs the extremism of Trump cult.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Dr Sanjay Gupta

Interesting if you need a diversion from politics and some talk about covid.

Dr is still a practicing surgeon so he has received his first shot, next dose coming up. Slightly sore arm similar to other vaxx. Talks about Operation Warp Speed Slow As Molasses and how it came to be such a distribution failure. Thinks supply chain will improve under Biden due to more competent management. Me-again was on maternity DID YOU KNOW THAT SHE HAD A BABY and complains about young Congressional staffers getting vaxx before front line workers. Dr explains the vaxx isn’t about stopping the spread of infection, it’s about preventing the vaccinated person from getting sick-dying, so healthcare worker should be priority. Dr congrats her about her baby so she has MyFamily™ sidebar. Sara asks about the timeline between 1st and 2nd dose and whether the gap will change. FDA doesn’t want to widen the time or the dosage level. Goes back to the problem being logistics not availability.

Sunny asked about the new virus strain seen in UK and now FL CO CA NY. They talk about the effectiveness of vaxx. Dr says mutation coming out of S. Africa is more concerning due to biology but otherwise feels the vaxx is useful against all strains. Wonders that covid will evolve like flu variations and we’d get a covid booster every year like we do flu shots. Sara asks about critical care overload, some grim discussion about demand on system. Joy wonders about time we might return to normal life. Dr is still optimistic by mid-year to fall. Thinks back to the last pandemic 1918-1919 which was followed by the Roaring 1920s where there was a rapid and earnest return to normalcy. We have benefit of vaxx that would accelerate our timeline vs last century.

Promotes his book Keep Sharp which talks about how to build a better brain at any age. Feels unlike other organs which show decline with age, the brain can continue to stay healthy and sharp. Learn a new skill = cognitive reserve. When you learn something new, it builds new pathways in the brain. Has a map-travel metaphor.

Ontd have you aged a decade in the last 3 days

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